Best Things To Do In Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan is the land of fire and oil – lots and lots of fire and oil! But there is more to see than that; here are the best things to do in Azerbaijan, as written by Richard from The Travel Tramp.

The Best Things to do in In Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is the land of fire and oil – lots and lots of fire and oil! This former Soviet Socialist Republic will surprise you first with the glitz of its emerging capital Baku before transporting you through history to ancient Silk Road cities and isolated traditional villages.

Azerbaijan is a land rich in resources, where oil literally seeps from the dusty ground that cities are built on. Still, more than this, it’s a land rich in culture and history that not even communism could completely eradicate.

Across the country, this unique culture and numerous Azerbaijan tourist attractions are just waiting to be explored, from the modern wealth of Baku on the coast to remote mountain villages in the north. There are a lot of things to do in Azerbaijan, and here are the best of them.

Marvel At The Glitz And Glamour Of Baku

The most famous Azerbaijan city by far, Baku, is Azerbaijan’s increasingly glamorous capital city. It’s a city where expensive, sleek, and modern towers rise above the preserved, traditional old city. This is where Azerbaijan’s oil-rich wealth has invested much of itself. In its short time since independence from the Soviets, it’s a city that has transformed itself from a Soviet frontier town to a regional powerhouse.

My number one Baku Azerbaijan travel tip is to start in the streets of Baku’s Icheri Sheher. This is ‘The Old City,’ the historical center of Baku that has been painstakingly restored and revitalized to become a cultural focus piece of the city. Exploring this area is definitely a must. It’s charming and incredibly atmospheric.

Then move onto the pristine streets of Baku’s new city center, where huge fountains gush water, and a long boulevard stretches endlessly along the Caspian Sea. The real symbols of today’s Azerbaijan are the Flame Towers, three unusual skyscrapers which light up vividly at night and can be seen from almost any vantage spot in Baku.

This contrast between ancient Azerbaijan culture and ultra-modern architecture makes it so worth it to visit Baku, Azerbaijan. Additionally, if you’ve ever wondered, “is it safe to travel to Azerbaijan?” a visit to Baku should offer you a solid “yes” as an answer.

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Visit Azerbaijan’s Unusual Mud Volcanoes

Things to do in Azerbaijan_Mud Volcanoes of Gobustan
Mud Volcanoes of Gobustan. Photo Credit

After experiencing the eccentricity of Baku’s newfound wealth – flaming towers aren’t exactly found everywhere in the world… – head outside the capital to visit Gobustan National Park, where you will soon find that Azerbaijan’s nature is as unusual as its capital is eccentric.

Gobustan is where Azerbaijan’s Mud Volcanoes are found, a prime example of natural Azerbaijan beauty. It’s a dry, featureless landscape where oil literally can be found seeping from below ground. It’s a geologically strange area, rich in resources, and where conditions are right in certain places for bizarre mud volcanoes to form.

Mounds of mud pile up and ooze onto the surface. The volcanoes can even be bathed in to take advantage of the mud’s supposed healing qualities. When you visit Azerbaijan, this park should unquestionably be on your itinerary.

Experience The Fire Mountain

Azerbaijan Travel Guide_Things to do in Azerbaijan_Yanar Dag Fire Mountain
Yanar Dag, Fire Mountain. Photo Credit: Rita Willaert

If mud volcanoes aren’t the strangest places to visit in Azerbaijan, then next on the list of bizarre natural phenomenons is Yanar Dag. This is literally a mountain of fire that continually burns on a hillside near Baku. There is so much natural gas and oil beneath the earth’s surface here that these unusual flames can simply light up anywhere and burn for decades.

After seeing Yanar Dag, it becomes clear why Azerbaijan is known as The Land of Fire. This is one of the main Azerbaijan tourism highlights, especially for short trips from Baku.

Enjoy A Relaxing Crude Oil Bath In Naftalan

Okay, so in terms of health and safety, some things to do in Azerbaijan might not be the most advisable, but in Naftalan, a city a few hour’s drive inland from Baku, a particular type of crude oil is used in spa and health treatments.

Naftalan Oil is a local crude, and it’s used exclusively to attempt to cure ailments and illnesses. It’s heated up, and patients will sit back in the oil bath and relax, but for no longer than ten minutes at a time.

It’s unclear how safe this treatment really is. Despite local champions of its health benefits, it’s always best to keep on the side of caution when it comes to crude oil spa treatments in post-Soviet nations.

Delve Into The Palace Of The Sheki Khans

Things to do in Azerbaijan_Palace of the Sheki Khans
Palace of the Sheki Khans. Photo Credit: Rita Willaert

Much of the coast and the land around Baku is dry, hot, oil country. However, head to the far west and towards the border with neighboring Georgia, and things change drastically. Sheki is a beautiful, green, and verdant city nestled in the mountains, and if you visit just one of the Azerbaijan tourist cities outside of Baku, it should be Sheki.

This is an old stop on the Silk Road, where even today, Caravanserais from centuries ago are still used to accommodate visitors. It’s a step back into Azerbaijan’s past, raved about in many an Azerbaijan travel guide. The real highlight is a visit to the Palace of the Sheki Khans. This ornate, colorful palace is perched high above the city and was for centuries home to the region’s local Islamic rulers, the Sheki Khans.

Oh, and watch out for the wolfman of Sheki. If you see him, you’ll know.

Admire The Work Of The Artisans Of Lahic

Things to do in Azerbaijan_Artisans of Lahic Copperwork
Lahic Copper Work. Photo Credit: Dario Tortora

Lahic is a small, traditional village in the hills of central Azerbaijan. A long, winding road navigates through immense canyons to reach this isolated and remote village. The scenery is spectacular, but equally impressive are the local Azerbaijan people, artisans, and copper workers who carry on centuries-old traditions in the workshops that line the old cobbled streets.

It’s one of many rural Azerbaijan places, which has only recently been easily connected to the rest of the country with a rough, dirt road. As a testament to Lahic’s unique artisanry, it’s already becoming a center for Azerbaijan tourism and culture in Azerbaijan.

Trek Into The Mountains of Xinaliq

Azerbaijan Travel Blog_Things to do in Xinaliq_Mountain View
Xinaliq Mountain View. Photo Credit: Matthew Hadley

Xinaliq is a long way from the glitz of Baku. It’s a small, remote mountain community in the far north of Azerbaijan – right on the Russian border – and one of the highest altitude villages in Europe.

It’s not easy to get here, but the little village offers some of the most spectacular hiking opportunities in Azerbaijan and a look at the traditional lifestyles and culture of the people who call the Caucasus Mountains home. A beautiful Azerbaijan travel destination for adventure travelers, for sure.

Get Really Off The Beaten Track In Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

Nakhchivan is a peculiar anomaly of world geography, history, and politics. This autonomous area is an exclave, completely separated from the majority of Azerbaijan by Armenia. That makes it very difficult to travel to, as Azerbaijan and Armenia have long-lasting disputes, which have kept their borders closed for decades. The only way into Nakhchivan is to fly. An even less attractive option is to take the really long way around Iran and Turkey.

Azerbaijan is a country that has only recently started opening up to tourism, and Nakhchivan is a region that is even further behind than the rest of the country. Few foreigners visit Nakhchivan, but those who do will be rewarded with an authentic Azerbaijani experience unlike anywhere else.

These are some of the best things to do in Azerbaijan. Have you ever been on an Azerbaijan vacation? If yes, share your tips for where to go in Azerbaijan below!

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