7 Reasons You Should Feel Attracted To Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan is a country that is perched in the southern region of the Caucasus, at the crossroads of South-eastern Europe and Southwest Asia. Here is what you should make Azerbaijan your next off-the-beaten stop!

Even though you may not remember the first time you heard the name Azerbaijan, we know you thought that it sounded alluring and exotic, right? Azerbaijan is a country that is perched in the southern region of the Caucasus, at the crossroads of South-eastern Europe and Southwest Asia.

Azerbaijan shares a border with Georgia, Russia, Iran, and Armenia and shares its exclave with Turkey. Thanks to its geographic location, Azerbaijan is the perfect blend of the East and the West, and the place also carries an interesting history. In fact, for this reason, Azerbaijan is a specifically intriguing country that you should visit once in a lifetime.

Check out the best reasons to visit Azerbaijan below:

Reason #1: Azerbaijan Is A Chaotic Mix Of The Middle East And The Sovietism

Azerbaijan Xinaliq shutterstock_667111729
Xinaliq, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is an ex-Soviet Muslim country. If you see Azerbaijanis physically, they are a perfect mix of the Turks and Iranians.

However, they wear a Russian cap and speak both Russian and Azerbaijani. They have tea in a way that is similar to Iranians, in the same pots, cups and add a considerably high amount of sugar in their tea.

When you enter a cafe, they greet you with a ‘Salam,’ but if you have a shot of vodka with them, they will say ‘Nasdrovia!’

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Reason #2: Azerbaijan Is The Highest Secular Country In Caucasia

Azerbaijan is said to be the first Muslim country that declared itself a secular and democratic Republic in the year 1918.

Unlike other traditional Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, where cinemas and theaters were strictly prohibited, Azerbaijan was the first Muslim country to introduce a theater. 95% of the population of Azerbaijan are Muslims, 85% Shia and the remaining are Sunni. Atheism is common among the youngsters, women hardly cover their heads, and you can get alcohol everywhere.

Reason #3: Azerbaijan Is An Affordable Destination

Post the oil boom in Azerbaijan, and the oil price surged high with the country’s skyrocketing economy. There was a drop in oil prices and also the value of the Manat to almost 50% of its actual value in 2019.

Hence, visiting this place is reasonable, with regular travel costs not surpassing $60, including food, accommodation, admission fees, drink, and entertainment.

Reason #4: Azerbaijan Is A Place To Visit Mud Volcanoes

Did you know that more than a third of the world’s mud volcanoes are located along the Absheron Peninsula?

Sedimentary volcanoes, the technical name given to mud volcanoes, erupt mud as the subterranean gas exerts pressure forcing it over the surface.

Azerbaijan’s Turaghai and Boyuk Khanizadagh are among the largest in the world at 700 meters. These volcanoes bubble away slowly, making the slides accumulate over time.

Reason #5: Baku Is A Visionary City That Blends Modernity With Conventionalism

Why do you think Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, should be one place to definitely visit?

That’s because Baku is a city that has the power of surprising and shocking everyone. From a properly restored Old City to being home to a few of the bizarre buildings, it is the luxurious capital that managed to retain each one of its ancient sites.

Reason #6: Azerbaijan Is A Place Of Epic Fortresses

While you visit Azerbaijan, don’t forget to visit the Alinja castle as it is undoubtedly the most off-beat castle that can amuse you.

While spending few hours around the walls and climbing the adjoining hills, you won’t meet a single soul as this is a very scarcely visited place. Besides the main touristic trail, which follows Baku’s road to Sheki, this place is filled with the most off-beat tracks that are still not discovered.

Reason #7: Azerbaijan Offers The Most Contrasting Landscapes

Caucasus Flags_Azerbaijan 2

The lovely Azerbaijan is a rather tiny country, but you’ll be alarmed to know that you can find 9 out of 11 climate zones at this place. From huge hot deserts to high altitude mountains of Caucasia to coastal areas to green meadows, you’ll find it all in Azerbaijan.

Apart from this wide range, as already mentioned earlier, 50% of the world’s mud volcanoes are found in Azerbaijan. They’re mostly located near a place called Qobustan that lies 50kms from Baku.

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