Best Wheeled Backpack For Travel

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Here is your guide to the best wheeled backpack. We’ve got backpacks of all sizes, shapes and colors -so you’re sure to find one you love to take on your travels.

Best Wheeled Backpack

Travel requires careful thinking in terms of what you need to take with you, what you will take it in, what you’re going to wear, and of course, where you’re going to go.

Your suitcase or backpack will be the most critical part of your kit, because without it, how are you going to be able to transport any of your belongings?

You’re not.

There are many things to consider when it comes to luggage, but if you are heading off on a real adventure, i.e., long-term travel or backpacking, then a suitcase could be impractical. For that reason, a backpack is the ideal go-to. The downside of things? You have to carry it literally everywhere! So, a backpack with wheels? Ideal!

What Is A Wheeled Rucksack – Backpack With Wheels

The name probably gives it away, but a wheeled backpack is a regular backpack, but it has wheels to help you move it around. When you think about the main benefits of a backpack, e.g., large size, top-loading, side loading, organizational areas, and loops for accessories and hydration systems, these are all still evident in the wheeled version, but with the addition of wheels to help your back and shoulders on longer journeys.

If you struggle to carry a backpack for a length of time, you may find that you use the wheels on this type of product more than the shoulder straps!

Best Wheeled Backpack Reviews – Best Backpack With Wheels 

Here are our top picks for the best-wheeled backpacks.

ECBC Pegasus Convertible Wheeled Rucksack and Laptop Bag

This particular bag is super-stylish and is available in a cream color and a grey shade, giving you options for your fashion needs! The bag is ideal for anyone who needs power on the go because it has a built-in power bank with a 4500mAh removable battery so you can charge up your technology on the go. The bag fits laptops up to 15” and has TSA approved locks for safety and security. The bag is two in one, as it is a travel wheeled backpack, but it also had hidden ergonomic straps that zip out for use on the go. The fabric is water-resistant, solid 1000d Kodra Nylon, to give you peace of mind that the bag will last the test of time.


  • Strong and very durable fabric
  • It fits most laptops up to 15” in size
  • Removable battery for charging up your devices on the go
  • Two stylish color options
  • TSA approved locks
  • Carry on sized

Buy this wheeled rucksack because: It has a built-in power bank, which is ultra-useful, making it one of the best backpacks with wheels

Keep looking for a new travel wheeled backpack because: The price is higher than some others on our list



Kenneth Cole Reaction Double Gusset 4-Wheel

This is a big named brand, but the price is surprisingly low! This wheeled rucksack has excellent reviews, and it has four wheels, which are spinner in variety, so when you do want to wheel it around, it’s going to move in any direction you want it to. You can choose between three different darker shades of color, and the bag is made of durable polyester, so it is water-resistant and sturdy. There is a section for a laptop, fitting up a 17” piece of equipment, and it is also suitable for all tablet types. The front area has an organizer section for smaller items, and the rear section has straps inside to organize your clothes and stop them from moving around and creasing. The shoulder straps are padded and breathable and hideaway when you are using the bag with the wheels.


  • Big named brand
  • Four spinner wheels for ease of movement when wheeling the bag
  • Sturdy and padded shoulder straps which are hidden away
  • It fits a 17” laptop and all types of tablet
  • the organizational section at the front for small items

Buy this travel wheeled backpack because: Meager price for high quality

Keep looking for a new wheeled rucksack because: Muted, dark colors which some people may not like



Samsonite Luggage MVS Spinner Backpack

Samsonite is a big named brand, and you could argue that it is the best on the market, which gives you confidence in your purchase. The price reflects this, but at the same time, the amount isn’t huge. Made of polyester, the bag has a dedicated laptop compartment that will hold a laptop up to 15.6” and a large main compartment for clothing, and a front compartment with an organizational section for smaller items. There are four wheels, and the backpack straps are hidden away but easily zip out for use when carrying, rather than wheeling.


  • Retractable telescopic handle
  • Four spinner wheels
  • Padded, hidden shoulder straps
  • Holds a laptop up to 15.6.”
  • Large main compartment
  • the organizational section at the front

Buy this wheeled backpack because Big named brand for confidence

Keep looking for a new travel wheeled backpack because: If you have a larger sized laptop, this bag isn’t large enough for you



Brands We Use And Trust


AmazonBasics Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack

This is a great budget option for a rolling backpack, and it is one that is ideal for budding or professional photographers. There is a large section for your camera, and the bag easily converts from rolling to carry quickly. The bag can easily hold all the equipment you need, including a full DSLR body with lens and all compartments and accessories too. There is also a padded compartment that will hold a 17” laptop, with an organizational section for smaller items, such as memory cards. This bag has two wheels and a top handle for lifting, and a molded telescopic handle for wheeling the bag around.


  • Perfect for those who have large cameras and accessories
  • It can also fit a 17” laptop and tablet
  • Two wheels
  • Telescopic handle
  • Top handle for lifting
  • Good price

Buy this wheeled backpack because: If you are a traveler who has a lot of camera equipment, plus a laptop to carry

Keep looking for a new wheeled backpack because: Brand name matters to a lot of people, and this isn’t a large brand name



Targus Compact Rolling Backpack for Laptops up to 16”/MacBook Pros up to 17”

This is a very low priced product, so if you are on a budget, this is an excellent choice for you, and one which comes with good reviews too. Choose between plain black, or a mixture of black and red, with four hidden wheels and padded, hidden shoulder straps. The choice between carrying and wheeling happens quickly and smoothly. The bag has a compartment to fit a laptop up to 16” in size or a MacBook up to 17”. The front section has an organizational section for your smaller items, with straps in the main compartment for your clothes. The handle is retractable and molded to make pulling the case easier.


  • Four retractable and quiet wheels
  • Two-color options
  • organizational section for smaller items
  • It fits a laptop up to 16”, or a MacBook up to 17.”
  • molded, retractable handle

Buy this wheeling backpack because: The price is low for the high amount of quality you’re getting

Keep looking for a new wheeled backpack because: You may prefer spinner wheels



Jansport Superbreak Wheeling Backpack

This is a smaller backpack, but don’t let that put you off because it certainly holds everything you need for a few days away. Choose between 10 different colors and patterns to style your travel, but the ease of use is what makes it stand out. There are two wheels to the rear and a telescopic handle, with a molded top, to make it easy to wheel around. There are also two hidden, padded shoulder straps, which are adjustable too. The bag is made of polyester, which is durable and waterproof, and there is one large compartment for clothing and a front pocket for smaller items.


  • Several different colors and patterns available
  • Two wheels
  • Hidden, padded straps
  • Telescopic, molded handle for wheeling
  • Good price
  • Large main compartment and one small compartment at the front for smaller items

Buy this wheeled backpack because: It offers a colorful and budget-worthy backpack for a few days away

Keep looking for a new wheeling backpack because: There is not a specific compartment for a laptop or tablet



Ailouis 4 Wheel Rolling Backpack 20 Inch For Laptops 17-Inch With Rain Cover

This particular wheeling backpack looks incredibly professional; it looks like a wheeled piece of luggage for a business trip, but then it quickly changes into a backpack, thanks to the hidden, padded shoulder straps. In a sleek black color, the backpack has a compartment that fits laptops up to 16” in size and MacBooks up to 17” too. Four wheels are spinner in type, and this gives you a smooth movement wherever you are, with a retractable handle. On top of the laptop compartment, there is also a sleeve for a tablet, with an overall three main compartment and a smaller accessory pocket at the front.


  • It fits laptops up to 16” and MacBooks up to 17.”
  • Four spinner wheels for easy movement
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps which are hidden
  • Three main compartments and one organizational section at the front
  • Included rain cover

Buy this wheeled backpack because: It has spinner wheels, and it can also fit a large laptop inside

Keep looking for a new wheeling backpack because: The fact it has an included rain cover means ] the material itself isn’t that waterproof



Jansport Driver 8 Wheeled Backpack

This is another Jansport option, so you’re getting a big named brand here. The outer is patterned, so this is instantly fashionable, and the four wheels mean that you won’t have any problems wheeling the case around with a molded, telescopic handle. There is a small compartment at the front for smaller items and three other pockets for things. There isn’t a dedicated laptop compartment, but the bag will fit a standard sized laptop inside the main compartment.


  • Attractive, patterned design
  • Four wheels
  • Tough, durable material
  • Three main pockets and one smaller organizational pocket at the front

Buy this wheeling backpack because: It is bright, colorful, and great for shorter trips

Keep looking for a new wheeled backpack because: It doesn’t have a dedicated laptop compartment



CalPak Winder Deep Red Unisex 18” Rolling Lightweight Laptop Backpack

This is a very sporty choice of a wheeled backpack, with a black and red design. There are two wheels and a telescopic handle, and a retractable handle, which is molded to make it comfortable to pull around. Of course, there are also hidden shoulder straps, which are adjustable and padded too. The bag is made of polyester, making it strong and durable. The wheels cover over when the bag is converted into a backpack, so they don’t catch on your clothing or your back. There is a small organizational compartment at the front and two other larger compartments, one of which will fit a standard-sized laptop, with side mesh pockets to finish off the features.


  • Sporty appearance
  • It fits a standard-sized laptop
  • Two mesh side pockets, an organizational pocket, and two other larger compartments
  • Hidden wheels which cover over when converted into a backpack
  • Hidden, padded shoulder straps

Buy this wheeling backpack because: The hidden wheels are a good feature because they don’t catch on your back or your clothing when carrying the backpack

Keep looking for a new wheeled backpack because: The appearance is masculine and sporty, and some women may not like that



High Sierra Powerglide Wheeling Backpack

We have another big brand name here, and the price is super-low, so if you’re looking for a bargain, this is it! There are three color options, and the bag is made of fabric and nylon mixture. There are two wheels, non-spinner, and hidden, padded shoulder straps. The front pocket is a smaller, organizational pocket, and there is a very large main compartment for garments. The bag can easily fit a standard laptop, and there are also zippered side pockets for smaller items. The shoulder straps are S-shaped, which means they are ergonomically designed to be comfortable carrying heavy loads.


  • S-shaped, padded shoulder straps that hide away when not in use
  • Two strong wheels
  • Large main compartment, organizational compartment, zippered side pockets, and a laptop compartment
  • Very low price

Buy this wheeled backpack because: The price is fantastic.

Keep looking for a new wheeled backpack because: If you want more compartments for organizing your garments and larger belongings better.



J World New York Sunrise Rolling Backpack

This bag is made of polyester and is very strong and durable while also being colorful and attractive. There are two wheels and a telescopic action, with two cushioned, padded shoulder straps made of air mesh material, which zip away when not in use. There is a smaller pocket at the front, a large compartment for clothing, and two side mesh pockets. There is no particular compartment for a laptop, which is the main downside of this specific product.


  • Attractive and bright design
  • Two wheels
  • Padded, cushioned, and air mesh shoulder straps that zip away when not in use
  • Small front compartment, a large compartment for clothing, and side mesh pockets

Buy this wheeled backpack because: It is low priced and attractive

Keep looking for a new wheeled backpack because: This bag is designed for a few days away, and if you need to take more belongings or a laptop, then it isn’t going to be enough for you



Targus Sport Rolling Backpack Case Designed for 15.4” Notebooks

This is another Targus product and a very durable one that is ideal for the Great Outdoors. The bag easily fits a laptop up to 15.4”, with several smaller pockets for organizational items and a large compartment for garments and other things. The wheels hideaway and the telescopic handle zips away also. The carrying handles are padded and adjustable, and there is also a grab handle for easy lifting. This bag’s price is also relatively low, making it very cost-effective for all sorts of travelers.


  • Two hidden wheels
  • Zip away retractable handle
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder straps and grab handle
  • Several smaller organizational compartments and a large compartment
  • It fits a laptop up to 15.4.”
  • Very durable material

Buy this wheeled backpack because Low price and very durable product

Keep looking for a new wheeled backpack because: If you are heading away for a little longer, or you have a bigger laptop, the bag will be too small for you



Wheeled Backpack Vs. Shoulder Strap Backpack

Which is best? It depends on the circumstances and the person using it; some people prefer to carry a backpack, but some can’t handle it. Regular backpacks, good quality ones, have lumbar straps and hip belts to help distribute the weight across the body, rather than having it all in one place, and this helps to eradicate aches and pains. This type of backpack may be enough for some people, but other people aren’t comfortable carrying a heavy bag and prefer the use of wheels.

So, it depends on the person and the terrain you’re going to be traveling over.

The Advantages Of Using A Rolling/Wheeled Backpack

  • Good quality wheeled backpacks usually have zip-away straps, so when you are using the wheels, they are not flapping around, causing an obstruction
  • organizational sections within the backpack are much easier to explore when you are using the wheels
  • The wheels are a significant advantage! You don’t have to carry the backpack at all times, and you can choose to wheel it instead
  • Most of these products have hidden wheels, which don’t catch on your back or other items while you’re using it as a regular backpack
  • Your bag is adaptable to your circumstances

Buy A Rolling Backpack For These Reasons:

  • If you have trouble carrying a regular backpack for an extended period
  • If you’re not planning on traveling over rugged terrain
  • If you don’t mind a little extra weight from the wheels

Buy A Shoulder Strap Backpack For These Reasons:

  • If you are going to be regularly traveling through areas that would make it difficult to use a backpack on wheels
  • If you prefer to carry your bag
  • If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight travel bag option

Should You Choose A Lightweight Or heavy-duty Backpack?

Again, this really depends on your plans. If you’re going on a truly adventurous backpacking expedition, then a heavy-duty backpack is probably going to be best for you. If you’re going to be camping, and if you’re not going to be staying in hotels a lot, i.e., you’re off the beaten track for much of your time, then again, it’s heavy-duty all the way.

If, on the other hand, you are traveling from place to place and you are making use of a generous hand luggage allowance without booking a suitcase, then you don’t really need a heavy-duty backpack, and a lightweight one will suffice for your needs. This is where you need to think about what kind of trip you’re going on and what you are going to need because buying a heavy-duty backpack when you don’t need one is going to cost you more, whereas purchasing a lightweight one when it’s just not going to be enough capacity-wise, is going to mean you end up buying another one at a later date.

Go With A Lightweight Backpack For These Reasons:

  • If you are going to be traveling by plane a lot
  • If you need to take a lot of belongings, but you don’t want the added weight of a heavy backpack on top of it
  • If you are going to be primarily carrying your backpack, rather than wheeling it, for most of the time

Go With A heavy-duty Backpack For These Reasons:

  • If you are going to be heading away for an extended period
  • If you are going to be traveling through rough terrain, e.g., jungles, camping, etc.
  • If you value strength and durability, overweight

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