Yummiest 15 Bulgarian Desserts You Have To Try

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Here is your list of the best Bulgarian desserts you have to try! We’ve listed all our favorite desserts from Bulgaria, and some even have recipes! 

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Yummiest Bulgarian Desserts You Have To Try

His Majesty, The dessert – how can you resist? Some would refuse, but not the real Bulgarian, who leaves the best for last – namely, the sweet pleasure of caressing his palate with something really delicious.

And now, let us see the top favorite desserts of Bulgarians:


Mekitsa - Bulgarian Desserts

Mekitsi are made of a kneaded dough and yogurt – deep fried and topped with your choice of sweet or savory toppings. Mekitsi is also popular in North Macedonia and Serbia, called mekike, mekica, or pitulica.

In Bulgaria, people often prepare the dough in the evening and put it in the fridge overnight to prepare a quick homemade breakfast the next day (usually on weekends). This recipe will turn out crispy outside and soft inside – delicious.

Marudnik – Bulgarian Pancake

Marudnik - Bulgarian Pancakes

Marudink is a Bulgarian pancake made with flour, yogurt, butter & eggs. You’ll find this Bulgarian dessert topped with jam and powdered sugar for breakfast at your hotel.

Künefe – Sweet Cheese Pastry 

Bulgarian Dessert - Künefe

Künefe is a dessert that you may traditionally associate with Turkish cuisine. It is characteristic of the entire Eastern Mediterranean, or the so-called Levantine region. Delicately crunchy, juicy, and pleasantly warm, künefe consists of two layers of kadaif, between which a generous amount of fresh unsalted cheese is placed.

In Levantine countries, you will find this dessert shaped like cigars. Bulgarian künefe is extremely easy to prepare without special equipment. The hardest part when making it in Bulgaria is finding raw kadaif – so when you see this dessert for sale in Bulgarian bakeries or on the menu, order it!

As for the cheese, it must be unsalted; if you want to make it at home, you can use mozzarella. Here is a recipe we suggest you try.

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Funiiki s Krem – Cream Or Custard Filled Pastry Horns 

Funiiki s Krem - Cream Or Custard Filled Pastry Horns 

Whether party horns are filled with custard or cream, you will not be able only to eat one of these Bulgarian desserts that are both flakey and gooy! Bulgarians all know how long these take to make, so when they are brought to an event – they are gobbled up in record time.

Mlqko s Ori – Rice Pudding

Bulgarian Dessert Mlqko s Ori - Rice pudding

This is a dessert that is always revered in Bulgarian culinary traditions! It is prepared from fresh cow’s milk, rice, water, sugar, salt, vanilla, and cinnamon powder—the favorite dessert of Bulgarian grandparents, which never goes out of fashion.

Tulumbichk – Fried Dough Pastries

Bulgarian Dessert - Tulumbichk - Fried Dough Pastries

These juicy syrup bombs rank among the most favorite desserts of all Bulgarians. They are prepared from flour, sugar, water, butter, salt, eggs, and vanilla. Very few Bulgarian homes would invite guests without treating them to the infamous tulumbiki! 

Revane – Eggy Bulgarian Sponge Cake

Bulgarian Dessert Revane - Eggy Bulgarian Sponge Cake

This Bulgarian sweet is very popular across the Balkans and the Middle East. It is known by many names: basbusa, revani, ravani, or revani. The dessert is made with eggs and semolina, baked, and left to sit in syrup. The result is always the same – an irresistible taste! Everyone on a diet loses their will when sitting in front of this syrupy cake!

Garash – Bulgarian Chocolate Cake

Bulgarian chocolate cake - Garash cake

Nothing evokes the comfort of home like the sweet smell of a cake wafting from the kitchen. This Bulgarian chocolate cake is a favorite dessert for young and old, and some even eat this for breakfast. 

Kifla – Sweet Crescents

Bulgarian Desserts - Kifla

You will for sure love kifla. These crescent rolls are baked and filled with jam or cream. Kifli are super soft, and kids will gobble them up in no time. 

Biscvitena Torta  – Biscuit Cake

Biscvitena Torta – Biscuit Cake

Who doesn’t love a cookie cake? There isn’t one! It is on the menu of every restaurant – from the neighborhood establishment to the most sophisticated place. The recipe is straightforward – biscuits, fresh milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, lemon, sour cream, cinnamon, walnuts, and cocoa. And if you add some raisins or banana rings, you become worthy of a master confectioner.


Kiselo mlqko s orehi i med- Yogurt With Honey, Fruit & Nuts

Bulgarian Kiselo mlqko s orehi i med- Yogurt With Honey, Fruit & Nuts

This is the favorite dessert of all mountaineers! It is prepared from strained yogurt, fresh milk or cream, sugar, fruit, and nuts. Be sure to try it the next time you’re on a ski vacation – it tastes beyond incredible when made with homemade condensed milk.

Tikva s Orehi – Baked Pumpkin With Honey And Walnuts

Bulgarian desserts - Tikva s Orehi - Baked Pumpkin With Honey And Walnuts

There is no more delicious and healthy dessert than baked pumpkin with walnuts and honey – a pleasure for all the senses! You need the following products: pumpkin, honey, walnuts, and cinnamon, and this fruit must be boiled in advance before putting it in the oven until it acquires that exquisite taste.

Tikvenik – Bulgarian Pumpkin Strudel

It is impossible to have Christmas in Bulgaria without this pumpkin cake! You find this Bulgarian dessert on every Christmas table. It is prepared by filling a pastry with walnuts, pumpkin, sugar, and cinnamon. You will find this sweet treat everywhere in Bulgaria but are most commonly eaten on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Krem Karamel – Crème Caramel

Bulgarian dessert - Krem Karamel - Crème Caramel

 The dessert of our childhood! Who does not remember the favorite taste of this divine cream that our grandmothers baked in the oven? It is prepared from eggs, fresh milk, sugar, vanilla, and lemon juice. A unique soft taste that caresses the palate.

Kazanlak Donuts 

The name of this dessert in Bulgaria comes from the tiny Bulgarian town of Kazanlak. The dough for this dessert is made of sugar, eggs, milk, flour, and yogurt. Once these Bulgarian donuts are fried in hot oil, they are served with sugar. You can even (if you are lucky) find them filled with jam or honey. 


Bulgarian Desserts - Baklava

No Christmas or New Year can pass without the traditional dessert beloved by every Bulgarian – baklava! It is prepared from ground peels, walnuts, butter, flour, sugar, eggs, baking powder, and water. Simple products, but they create real culinary magic!

As you can see, Bulgarian cuisine has many similarities with Turkey and Greece – read more about food in the Balkans here

Now that you know what sweet Bulgarian dishes to try – which one will you devour first?

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