9 Tasty Bulgarian Breakfast Ideas

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We’ve got the best list of the tastiest Bulgarian breakfast ideas for you to devour on your next trip to Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Typical Bulgarian Breakfast Ideas

A typical Bulgarian breakfast often consists of bread, and various sandwiches, which consist of slices of bread, pies, or small loaves, with some flavourful addition.

Grandmother’s recipes for mekici, banici, tutmanitsi, popara and many other delicious traditional Bulgarian snacks are loved by young and old.

Unfortunately, we live in a very fast-paced world, and in our hectic daily lives, we look to devour something on the go and forget to enjoy the food. Almost all of us have forgotten the fantastic traditional Bulgarian delicacies. Nowadays, people usually eat a sandwich, coffee, and, at best, a piece of toast for breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it should be helpful and give us energy and be tasty. However, most people think of breakfast as just a quick bite on the way to work or school. This article aims to remind us what traditional Bulgarian breakfasts are and why it is important that our breakfast is tasty and nutritious.

There are several types of snacks – morning, before lunch, afternoon, night, or midnight. Due to the recent introduction of so-called healthy and modern nutrition, we Bulgarians forgot to eat grandma’s pasta snacks because, according to the new nutrition standards, they are harmful, which is true to some extent. However, harm comes from overdoing them, just as there is harm from overdoing anything else.

If you eat in a balanced way and in small quantities – pasta snacks can be beneficial sources of a lot of energy. And here are who they really are:


Traditional Bulgarian Snacks

Solid Snacks

Soft buns, fried or baked buns, donuts, patties. Other popular snacks in this category are tutmanik, katmi, pancakes, cookies, homemade biscuits, etc. Many years ago, in the kitchen of the old Bulgarians, the word “mekitsa” was used as an antonym of the word “tvarditsa” – this word was used to name a thin and crispy bread that was baked on a sach. Now, these cakes are called purlenki.

Liquid Snacks

Liquid snacks can be steamed, cooked pasta, etc. One of our most popular liquid snacks is our all-time favorite popara, which, as we know, is made with crackers or dry bread and can be topped with tea, fresh milk, or sweetened hot water. Another common liquid breakfast in our country is one with a doughy pasta product (spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, etc.) that can be eaten with broth, which in most cases is made separately or with sauce.

Fried Snacks

The third type of traditional Bulgarian snack is the fried ones – of this type of snack, the most common are soft cakes, donuts, fried slices, buns, buns, etc. Depending on exactly how the buns are made, they can be either savory or sweet; the mekici may or may not have cheese, but they can be prepared with both animal and vegetable fat. And as we have already mentioned, one of Bulgaria’s most frequently prepared and loved snacks is fried slices.

Baked Snacks

This type of snack is one of the most common snacks in our country. They can be pasta, pasta dishes, and bread. From this type of snack, as we all know, the favorite of many Bulgarians is the traditional Bulgarian banitsa, and in addition to a large banitsa, we can also prepare small ones. There is a traditional Bulgarian breakfast, which is a garnished pita with a different filling, which is very similar to Italian pizza, but it is less and less present on our table. Other popular snacks in this category are the so-called sausages, cheeses, and cheeses. The bread pie – with eggs, milk and cheese – the so-called Gypsy pie remains a favorite and often prepared one. Some people also call a slice smeared with oil or butter sprinkled with red pepper and savory a gypsy pie.

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Most Common Breakfast Food In Bulgaria:

1. Banitsa

Bulgarian Breakfast - Bulgarian Banitsa Recipe - Small pieces

This traditional Bulgarian breakfast is made with banitsa crusts, which can be homemade, bought, finned, baked in sach, and many other types. The most common filling for a pie is eggs and cheese, but it can be made with spinach and cheese, pumpkin, cabbage, leek, and many other options. It can also be prepared with minced meat.

2. Burek

BUREK - Albanian Riviera Food

Burek is also a type of pie made in neighboring Turkey. The difference is that the burek uses cow butter instead of sunflower oil and is topped with more eggs than the patty.

3. Pogacha

This is a type of bread that is also called a loaf. Eggs are also used to make it, and it can have a cheese filling or no filling.

4. Kazanlushki Ponichki

Kazanlushki Ponichki - Bulgarian Breakfast

This is a dough snack, which is a type of fried dough in a round shape, in the middle of which there is a hole, which is finally sprinkled with powdered sugar.

5. Klin

This is also a type of pie, but it is made with only two crusts with a filling in the middle, which is cooked on a plate, then buttered.

6. Mekici

Bulgarian Breakfast Ideas - Bulgarian Mekitsi

The “Mekici” are loved by young and old. They are prepared from dough that is cooked in hot oil. Most often, we eat them for breakfast, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and they can also be filled with cheese.

7. Patatnik

Patatnik - Bulgarian national dish

Patatnik can also be served for breakfast. It is made from grated potatoes, and onions, salt, cheese, and garlic are added to them, and everything is baked on a very slow fire.

8. Tutmanik

Tutmanik is also a type of pie, the crusts of which are not wrapped but placed on top of each other, and between them, there can be a filling of meat or cheese.

9. Fried slices

Fried bread slices. Bulgarian breakfast.

This is a snack that is loved by young and old. It’s just bread dipped in eggs, eggs, and milk and fried in hot oil until golden.

Yummy, yummy, in your tummy – how do you like these breakfast options in Bulgaria? Let us know which Bulgarian breakfast item you’ll devour first. 

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