Top 10 Things To Do In Pristina, Kosovo

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Top 10 Things To Do In Pristina, Kosovo

Pristina or Prishtina is a city with a different vibe, melting old museums and architecture with the newer Pristina landmarks. Where is Pristina, you ask? You’ll find Pristina in the North-Eastern part of Kosovo, close to the Goljak mountains in the District of Pristina.

What To See And Do In Pristina

Of course, there are loads more than ten things to do, but these will get you started:

Visit the Emin Gjiku Ethnographic Museum

Of the ten best places to visit in Pristina is the Emin Gjiku Ethnographic Museum. It’s located in an old 18th-century house in the Bazaar area and shows what Kosovar life was like from the 15th to the 20th century. The tour guides explain how all the furniture, tools, pottery, clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, and weapons were used and give you some insight into Pristina traditions.

Visit The Monument At Skanderbeg Square

Next on the list of places to see in Pristina is Skanderbeg Square. After the Kosovo conflict in 1999 ended, the Albanians in Kosovo erected this monument to Gjergj Kastrioti, who’s famously known as Skanderbeg.

He was a nobleman from the 15th century who fought against the Ottoman rulers. This Pristina top 10 contender is locally known as Sheshi Skënderbeu and resembles statues in Tirana, Albania, and Skopje, Macedonia.

Visit The Sultan Mehmet Fatih Mosque

Things To Do In Prizren Kosovo - Fatih Mosque

As locals call it, the Sultan Mehmet Fatih Mosque, or the Imperial Mosque, is among the best places to see in Pristina. It was built by Sultan Mehmet II Fatih in 1461 and also served as a Catholic Church during the 17th century Austro-Turkish wars.

The interiors and walls of this Pristina tourist attraction are covered with beautiful paintings and murals. As the most important mosque in Pristina, it is a must-see while sightseeing in Pristina.

Wander Through The Bazaar Of Pristina

Pristina Bazaar, the Bazaar of Pristina or Carshia e Prishtines was the main bazaar in the Old City of Pristina since the 15th century. Much of it was destroyed during the 1950s and 1960s, and government buildings were put up in their place.

But you can still see the old Bazaar Hammam and Bazaar Mosque that are also Pristina tourist attractions. The remnants of the bazaar area are filled with vendors selling vegetables, appliances, and many flea market items. Definitely a must-see in Pristina!

Visit The Mesozoic Era Gadime Caves

Found in 1966 by a villager named Ahmet Asllani while working in his garden, the Marble Cave, or Gadime Cave in the village of Gadime e Ulët, Lipljan is a Mesozoic era karst limestone cave.

Full of remarkable stalactite and stalagmite formations, the caves can be visited on a guided tour. Although you’ll have to drive for half an hour to get here, it’s one of the most amazing places to visit around Pristina.

Visit The Weird National Library Of Kosovo

Things To Do In Prizren Kosovo - National Library

This kind of weird-looking structure is one of the top places of interest in Pristina and is listed as one of the ugliest buildings in the world.

It looks like a prison from the outside and a regular library from the inside. Supposedly a melting of Byzantine and Islamic architecture, the 99 white domes provide natural lighting to the library and resemble the Albanian national hat “plisi.” The National Library of Kosovo has to be seen while you’re in Pristina!

See The Museum Of Kosovo

Balkan Flags_Kosovo 1

Among the top 10 tourist attractions in Pristina is the Museum of Kosovo that opened in 1949. The museum is located in a building that was built in 1889 to house the military high command. Recently renovated, the Museum of Kosovo is no doubt one of the top things to see.

See Pristina’s Oldest Mosque

Sultan Bayezid I lost his father, Sultan Murad I, in the battle of Amselfeld, which they won against the Christian defenders.

To commemorate the victory and remember his father, Sultan Bayezid, I built the Carshi Mosque in 1393. Also known as the Bazaar Mosque, Stone Mosque, or Sultan Murad Mosque, it is one of the famous places in Pristina and the city’s oldest mosque.

Standing in the Bazaar area near the start of the Old Town, it’s an essential addition to the list of what to see in Pristina.

Visit Saint Teresa Cathedral

Built in 2007, the Cathedral of Blessed Mother Teresa is dedicated to the Albanian nun, Saint Teresa of Calcutta. It was inaugurated in 2010 by President Ibrahim Rugova of Kosovo on the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa’s birthday.

One of the tallest buildings in Pristina is possible to go up the bell tower at certain hours. The Cathedral is one of the popular destinations in Pristina for followers of Saint Teresa.

Take A Day Trip To The Gracanica Monastery

Gracanica is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located in Kosovo

To get to this top tourist site in Pristina, you will need to travel. Grancanica Monastery is located 10 km away from the city – so not too far.

Built by King Stefan Milutin in 1321 on a 6th-century church’s ruins, the monastery is famous for its double inscribed cross ceiling and dome structure. One of the best sites in Pristina reflecting Serbo-Byzantine architecture, the monastery is now the official seat of the Bishop of Raska and also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What language do they speak in Pristina? Most of the population speaks Albanian and Serbian, but English, German, Bosnian, and Turkish are also widely spoken.

Did you know? After Tirana, Pristina ranks as the second-largest city in the world in terms of an Albanian-speaking population.

Other Popular Things In Pristina

Other than these ten things to do in Pristina, there are quite a few Pristina sites to see that we’d recommend. 

  • Visit the Newborn Monument, one of the Pristina points of interest that celebrates Kosovo becoming a country
  • Wondering what to do in Pristina at night? See a play at the National Theatre of Kosovo!
  • Another must-do thing in Pristina is to capture shots of street art all over the city
  • Visit one of the Pristina top attractions, the statue of 14th-century Serbian knight Milos Obilic, honored for murdering the Ottoman Sultan Murad I
  • Wave at the 11 feet tall Bill Clinton statue. He’s one of the favorite Pristina landmarks because he supported Kosovo’s independence
  • Also on the list of Pristina places to see is the Pristina Spomenik, a 1960s Yugoslav monument for brotherhood and unity
  • Visit the yet to be finished Christ the Saviors Cathedral
  • Take photos of the old Clock Tower
  • Visit the Partisan Martyrs Cemetery
  • Take a drive to Batlava Lake, the source of potable water for major cities in the Pristina district
  • Visit the 1870 Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour to see the Skanderbeg fresco painted in 1883 by the Albanian monk and painter Gjergj Panarati
  • Take a trip to the nearby Visoki Decani Monastery built by the Serbian King Stefan Decanski

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Best Places To Visit In Pristina To Taste Local Food

Food is something you can never do without on your travels! And why should you when there’s such delicious local fare to taste when you visit Pristina? Getting stuffed with steaks and ajvar or drinking local craft beers are just fun in Pristina! Here are our favorite places to visit in Pristina to satisfy the foodie in you:

Eat at Te Syla or Alhambra

Located in Sejdi Begu in Shadervan, the Te Syla is a riverside restaurant started by a street food vendor named Sylejman Dapko in 1967. The simple décor and superb location complement the exquisite dishes served here. If you visit, try the fantastic Balkan Grill, kebabs, grilled pastries, and other dishes. The official name of the restaurant though it is Alhambra.

Besimi Beska

The colorful plates at Besimi Beska are so pretty; they’ll leave you not wanting to touch your food. The portions are generous, and the food is delicious. Try the mixed grill, the goulash, steaks, and local bread with cheese. The bread, naans, and pizzas here are made in traditional brick ovens. The restaurant is located in Shadervanit 56 in Old Town and has a small pond and trees.

Princessa Gresa Restaurant

Located on Fehmi Agani street, the Princessa Gresa Restaurant is famous for its special Fish Plate and Ramstek viqi Veal Steak. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in Pristina that keeps guests coming back for more!

Soma Book Station

A local favorite, Soma Book Station, looks like an extensive library that serves food and drink. Local beers and seasonal wines accompany the tasty food served here. Guests can spend hours here and rent books for just 1 Euro or play old vinyl records. If you love John Cage, Chet Baker, and Sonny Rollins, you’ll love grabbing a drink or meal at Soma Book Station. It’s a must on your Pristina to-do list!


Pishat is one of Pristina towns’ older restaurants that has been serving local Albanian food for over 35 years. It’s easy to find, priced slightly on the higher side, but serves excellent Lavazza coffee and a range of Albanian dishes.

Restaurant Liburnia

Enter Restaurant Liburnia, and you’ll feel like you’ve entered a fairytale or a novel. The restaurant that’s located close to the Townhall is filled with lamps, vine creepers and has a traditional ambiance. It’s on the list of top Pristina places to visit to try local freshly baked bread and meat dishes.


This restaurant is easy to miss because the wooden doors look just like they belong to someone’s home. There’s no sign outside to indicate you’ve reached one of the famous Pristina attractions. There’s no menu here either! You go in, get seated, and the waiters start serving you a variety of local food and drink till you’re full. It’s like a buffet at your own table. A favorite with the locals, the Renaissance is at the top of the list of things to do in Pristina for food lovers. Sometimes you have to wait long for a table, but it’s worth it!


One of the cool things to do in Pristina when on holiday is to sit out on a sunny terrace and enjoy a glass of wine. You can do that here at the Tiffany while tasting some delicious organic food and freshly baked bread. The restaurant also sells jars of its famous Ajvar sauce that you can take home as a memento of your Pristina travel.

Learn what to eat in Kosovo here.

Where To Stay When You Visit Pristina

Kosovo Travel Blog_Where to Stay in Kosovo_5-Star Hotel - Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina
Photo Credit: Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina

You’ll find plenty of accommodation close to the things to see in Pristina; here are some of our top picks:

  • Just 100 meters from the Center of Prishtina, and right next to the landmarks in Pristina such as the Parliament Hall and National Theater, the Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina offers 5-star facilities and Kosovo’s most prestigious spa
  • A stone’s throw from the best things to see in Pristina, the luxurious Hotel Sirius has a fantastic rooftop restaurant with views of the best Pristina sights
  • If you’re wondering where to go in Pristina, that’s simplistic but rich; the Golden Hotel has beautiful rooms and suites where all the beds have lovely golden borders. It’s within 1 km walking distance from the Mother Teresa Cathedral
  • Centrally located in Pristina, the Hotel Nartel offers comfortable and straightforward 4-star rooms within 500 meters walk from all the restaurants and stuff to do in Pristina
  • Close to the City Centre and tourist attractions, the Hotel Pejton offers clean and comfortable rooms within walking distance of all the top places to see in Pristina
  • With economical and simply decorated elegant rooms, the Hotel Adria is in the heart of town and within walking distance of the top tourist attractions in Pristina

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