Rent A Car Kosovo Guide: Car Hire In Kosovo

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Here is my rent a car Kosovo guide. I cover all you need to know about car hire in Kosovo to stay safe and get a great deal.

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Kosovo might be a country that has had its troubles, but it is now coming through the darkness and turning into a beautiful Balkan destination in its own right. The capital, Pristina, is a vibrant and colorful city, and all around the country, you will find stunning natural landscapes, delicious traditional cuisine, unique accommodation, and exciting sites to explore.

It must be noted that certain parts of Kosovo should still be approached with caution, which is primarily the north of the country. However, there is no official ban, but if you are a foreign national, some countries recommend avoiding the area. To be sure, check your home countries travel status of Kosovo.

Warnings aside, if you want to check out this beautiful country to the max, the best way to do that is by driving in Kosovo. There are countless companies to consider, but the most convenient options are Pristina Airport rent a car office or rent a car in Pristina, Kosovo itself, the country’s capital.

Car Rental Companies Serving Kosovo

  • Europcar Kosovo HQ
  • Hertz Rent a Car Kosovo
  • Europcar Kosovo Airport Office
  • Autolux Rent a Car
  • Sherreti Rent a Car
  • Rent a Car Prishtina
  • Mara Rent a Car Pristina Airport
  • Sixt Kosovo Car Hire
  • Rent a Car Alzora
  • King
  • Rent a Car AS
  • Rent a Car Auto Buli

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Car Rental Tip Kosovo 1 – Border Crossing Issues

If you’re heading into or out of Kosovo, you need to be careful how you do it. For instance, don’t try and drive into Serbia and then back out again because you won’t have an entry stamp in your passport into Serbia (there are no checks), and then when you come to enter Kosovo again, you’ll run into trouble.

On the other hand, you can cross from Albania into Kosovo and vice versa, getting a passport stamp, and you can do the same for Montenegro.

Car Rental Tip Kosovo 2 – Journeys Take Considerable Time

Because of the landscapes in the country, e.g., relatively mountainous, with several high roads to pass over, a journey you assume will likely take you a few hours will probably end up taking you considerably longer. Plan accordingly, and don’t rush.

Car Rental Tip Kosovo 3 – Check Your Route Carefully

Many roads that are still showing on a selection of maps are actually closed now, so check your route very carefully before you venture out. Especially in the north, you will find that several roads are either not there anymore or are not open for visitors to pass through.

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Rent a Cat Kosovo

Car Rental Tip Kosovo 4 – Do Not Drink And Drive

Driving under the influence of alcohol, any alcohol, is a big mistake in Kosovo. While the official limit is actually 10 mg per 100 ml of blood, this allows for medications that contain alcohol. The best advice is not to drink at all.

Car Rental Tip Kosovo 5 – Documents You Need To Hire A Car

To hire a car in Kosovo, you need to be 21 years of age, and you need to have one year of driving experience. If you are under 25 and trying to rent a car in Kosovo Airport or Pristina, you will probably find that you pay more (a premium) to compensate for age and lack of experience.

You will need to carry your driving license (paper and card), insurance details, and car ownership details, which you will need at various stop points on the roads around the country. You don’t need an International Driving Licence in Kosovo, but it’s certainly recommended.

Car Rental Tip Kosovo 6 – Rules Of The Road

Always wear a seat belt, whether a driver or passenger and bear in mind that children under 12 years cannot sit in the front seat of the car. In Kosovo, they drive on the right-hand side, and speeding limits are strictly adhered to. These are:

80 km/h on the open road
50 km/h in towns and cities
130 km/h on green lanes

It’s also worth mentioning that if you have a GPS with a speed camera warning function, this needs to be turned off as they are illegal.

Motorways are indicated in green and have white writing. While driving in Kosovo, you don’t have to worry about paying tolls. There are no toll roads in Kosovo at all.

Car Rental Tip Kosovo 7 – Parking Is Not An Issue

You won’t struggle to find parking anywhere, especially not in the capital. Most parking facilities in the main towns are metered, and if you park somewhere you’re not supposed to, you’re likely to be towed away, or at the very least, have your car moved.

Car Rental Kosovo Tip 8 – Costs, Rules, And Extra Charges

  • Picking up and dropping your vehicle off at the same location is the best idea unless you want to be charged extra.
  • When you get your rental contract, check to see if there is any damage on the car there and then, and have it noted if there is. If you don’t do this, you may be blamed and charged for it when you return.
  • Refill your car with petrol before you return it. Otherwise, you’ll be charged.

Comments (11)

  1. Came across your blog when looking for info. About kosovo, thank you very much for the extensive information especially about car rental, I hope it will be possible to visit this summer with covid19 restrictions.
    Wish you and your family all the best.

  2. Hi, question for you, actually 2 :)
    I’m renting a car in Croatia and driving all over the Balkans for a month in a couple
    of weeks.
    1-Hertz said I can drive everywhere I want with the $25 fee for crossing borders except Kosovo. If there’s no checkpoints between Serbia and Kosovo, do you know how they enforce that?
    2- If I get a PCR for Serbian border (from Bulgaria) can I drive to Kosovo and back to Serbia without having to worry about another PCR for Kosovo as well, as again there will be no checkpoints?

    Sorry about all the questions, tough times and you seem to know a lot about the area :)

    Thanks for all the information in your blog!!!

  3. Hello,
    ı will rent a car from Pristina Airport and I want to enter to Macedonia with that car. Do the rented cars already have green card? if not, can I buy green card in Kosovo-macedonia border? how much does it cost? if it is not called “green card”, what is it called?
    PS: I will only go to Macedonia and then return to Pristina.

    1. You will need to check with the car rental provider. Some will allow it, others not. As for the cost, I can not say as I haver never done it (and neither has anyone from our team). Sorry.

  4. HELLO
    Is it OK to rent a car from Pristina and head to Albania and Macedonia and then drop off at the Pristina again?

    1. Renting a car in Pristina and traveling to Albania and North Macedonia is possible, but there are specific policies you need to be aware of. For example some companies allow cross-border rentals within European countries, including Albania and North Macedonia. Some will require prior written authorization for such rentals and a cross-border fee of 50.00 EUR per rental applies for travel in the territories of Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. This type of rental should be requested at least 7 days prior to the pickup date. Keep in mind to check for any additional policies or fees that may apply, and it’s always a good idea to confirm details directly with the rental company​

  5. Hello I would like to rent a car in Pristina and go to Bosnia, for that I would need Macedonian or Serbian or Albanian car plates, do you know where to rent such a car in Pristina?
    Thank you, Stepanka

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