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Welcome to your ultimate guide to Agistri Island, your passport to uncovering the best of this hidden gem in the Argo-Saronic Gulf. If you’re seeking travel advice and looking for the best things to do on Agistri Island, you’ve landed in the right place.

Agistri, a petite paradise in Greece, often flies under the radar compared to its more famous island neighbors. But that’s precisely what makes it so special. With its pristine Agistri beaches lapped by the crystal-clear waters of the Saronic Gulf, this is the ultimate destination for those who crave tranquility and natural beauty.

Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Agistri Island Greece

From exploring charming villages to discovering local cuisine, we’ve got your journey covered. Get ready to dive into the heart of Agistri, where relaxation and adventure go hand in hand. Let’s embark on this island odyssey and unlock the secrets of Agistri, Greece’s best-kept secret.

Agistri Island is celebrated for the untouched Chalikiada Beach, the peaceful Church of Agioi Anargyroi, and the fancy village of Skala. 

The scenic island of Agistri doesn’t get the same amount of attraction as the neighboring Aegina, but this adds to the charm it’s known for. Many vacationers that venture to Agistri Island are Greeks, creating a lovely local atmosphere that sets it apart from other popular islands like Mykonos or Santorini.

Thankfully, this gem is close to Athens, making the trip there much easier than to other islands in Greece.

We have put together this in-depth Agistri travel guide to help you plan your trip to this hidden beauty.

How To Get To Agistri Island In The Saronic Gulf

The only way to get to Agistri Island is by ferry or boat. A couple of ferry routes operate daily from the Piraeus Port in the capital city of Athens and some neighboring islands, like Aegina.

The journey from the capital only takes between one and two hours, but it depends on what type of boat you’re on and the company you go with. Some are much more efficient than others. For example, the car ferry takes much longer than the speed ferry, so you must weigh up your options.

Agistri Island doesn’t have an airport like some of the other bigger islands in Greece. The closest airport to Agistri Island is Athens International Airport, so you’ll have to fly there to start your journey, travel to the Piraeus Port, and then take the one-hour ferry across.

It’s really not as bad as you would think. If you’re tired and want to break up the journey, you could spend a couple of days in Athens and then head to Agistri more rejuvenated. There are excellent hotel options in Athens right near the airport to make this plan easier!

There are two ports on Agistri Island—one in the popular village of Megalochori, situated northwest, and the other in Skala Port, located northeast. Most car ferries tend to arrive in Skala, and the faster speed boats usually sail into Megalochor.

Find out which port you’re arriving at beforehand so you can notify your hotel in case they send someone to pick you up at the wrong port.

8 Reasons To Visit Agistri, The Saronic Green Island

1. Natural Beauty and Tranquil Beaches

Agistri is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, including lush pine forests that almost reach the shores, crystal-clear waters, and beautiful, quiet beaches. These provide an idyllic setting for relaxation, swimming, and sunbathing away from the crowds of more popular destinations.

2. Proximity to Athens

Being only a short ferry ride away from the port of Piraeus in Athens, Agistri is easily accessible for both short getaways and longer stays. Its proximity makes it an excellent choice for travelers wanting to combine their visit to the Greek capital with a peaceful island retreat.

3. Charming Villages

The island features picturesque villages like Skala, Milos (Mylos), and Limenaria, where visitors can enjoy the traditional architecture, small Greek tavernas offering delicious local dishes, and a genuinely warm welcome from the local community.

4. Outdoor Activities

For those who love outdoor adventures, Agistri offers plenty of activities, such as hiking, cycling, and horseback riding through its beautiful landscapes. The island’s relatively untouched nature provides an excellent backdrop for these activities.

5. Water Sports and Diving

The clear waters around Agistri are ideal for water sports, snorkeling, and diving, offering visitors the chance to explore the vibrant marine life and underwater scenery.

6. Cultural Experiences

Though smaller and less known, Agistri has its share of cultural and historical sites, including churches and small museums. The island also hosts various cultural events and festivals during the summer, providing insights into local traditions and customs.

7. Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Options

Agistri is committed to sustainability, with several eco-friendly accommodation options and initiatives to preserve its natural environment, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious travelers.

8. Peaceful Atmosphere

Above all, Agistri is valued for its peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. It’s an ideal destination for those looking to unwind, enjoy the slow pace of island life, and escape from the hustle and bustle of more touristy spots.

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5 Things To Do On Agistri – Travel Guide

There’s a wealth of fun things to do in Agiastri that will keep you occupied for the duration of your vacation other than beaches, whether it’s fun island hopping experiences or action-packed water sports.

Here are some of our favorite things to see and do on the island.

1. Church Of Agioi Anargyroi

Step back in time to the 20th century Cycladic style Church of Agioi Anargyroi in Skala. Overlooking the ocean, this impressive religious site can be spotted miles away due to its bright blue dome and white facade, which it’s famous for.

Each year, on July 1st, the Church of Agioi Anargyroi becomes the focal point of a religious celebration, so if you’re on the island around that time, head up and see what’s happening.

2. Take A Kayak Tour

Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Agistri Island_Go Kayak Greece
Photo Credit: Go Kayak Greece

It’s not really a holiday if you don’t go kayaking. Alkyoni Rooms has outstanding tailor-made kayak tours that run in the summer months from the northeast of the island of Agiastri.

Grab your paddle and row yourself off into the sunset to discover unheard-of parts of the island with a team of UKCC-qualified coaches.

They offer something for everyone: beginner lessons, sunset outings, full-day trips, and even week-long voyages; you’re spoiled for choice.

Are you worried that you won’t be able to go because of the kids? Don’t be—their tandem kayaks have seating for children, and lifejackets are provided so you can share the memories with them.

3. Go Horseback Riding

Greece Travel Blog_Guide To Agistri Island_Horse Riding Aponisos
Photo Credit: Horse Riding Aponisos

Embark on an exciting horseriding journey through the southern part of Agistri Island, renowned for adventurous excursions and rural escapes.

Learn how to trot amongst lush green pine forests, flawless shorelines, and ample fields alongside a professional who knows the terrain all too well.

All kinds of lessons are available to suit your skill set, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. We recommend you check out Aponisos Horse Riding School. They offer some incredible deals, and their staff is remarkable in their knowledge.

4. Diving Island Tour

Have you ever wanted to learn how to dive? Now’s your chance to do it on Agistri Island! Interdive’s fun-filled diving island tour ticks all the boxes, especially if it’s your first time deep underwater.

Board a vintage 14-meter wooden yacht dating back to 1965 and sail through the Saronic Gulf to the south of Agistri to a number of diving sites like the Avantis III wreck, the cove of Dorousa, the shallow Dragonera Beach, and some more surprises chosen by the crew on the day.

Learn what it takes to become a specialist diver from Interdive’s five-star team and indulge in a scrumptious Greek BBQ filled with some of the cuisine’s tastiest dishes.

Would you prefer something more specific? Interdive offers a range of experiences, such as wreck dives, DSD, deep sea dives, wall dives, bubble makers, and diving certification. For more information, get in touch with them directly.

5. Day Trip To Aegina Island

Island Hop Greece, Here Is How To Travel Between Greek Islands - Aegina

Aegina Island is a popular day trip. It is only a short 20-minute ferry ride across the pond, which you should consider doing before you leave.

It’s much bigger than Agistri and is home to a considerable amount of historical attractions like the Temple of Aphaia, the Archaeological Museum of Aegina, and the Holy Church of Saint Nectarios of Aegina.

Numerous tour companies offer tailored day trips, or you can take a commuter ferry over; who knows, you might want to spend a few nights there.

In the high season, there are a couple of ferry crossings from Agistri to Aegina. You can either book them online before or try to get the tickets for a lower price on the day, but beware that sometimes they run out if you leave it too late. The last ferry usually returns to Agistri between 10 PM and 11 PM, but do your research.

The Best Agistri Beaches With Crystal-Clear Waters

Chalikiada is the most popular beach in Agistri island, Greece

Beaches are the main lure for many visitors to Agistri. While it may be small, it has its fair share of coastline waiting to be discovered, and let’s say it gives some of the country’s famous destinations a run for their money. 

These are some of the best beaches to visit while in Agistri.


Chalikidiada is a gorgeous pebbled beach tucked away in the beautiful Limenaria Village. Getting there is an adventure in itself; between trekking through a pinewood area and climbing down a little cliff, you’ll have your work cut out for you, but when you see just how stunning it is, you’ll realize it was all worth it.

Be sure to bring along all that you need, like sunscreen and water, before going there, though. Due to its secluded nature, there aren’t many facilities. We would advise you to head back before it gets dark, too, as roaming through forests and fields in the pitch black isn’t the most brilliant idea.

Skala Beach

Skala Beach is definitely one of the more popular stretches of sand on the island, found in no other than the village of Skala. A nice mix of people flocks there when the weather is nice, from families to solo travelers.

Lined with sunbeds, bars, and restaurants, Skala Beach is made for tourism, but where else would you want to be when the sea in that area is as crystal clear as it is?

Seafood lovers, you must go to Yialos Fish Restaurant at least once while at Skala Beach. It’s one of the best seafood dishes we have ever had on our travels, from the steamed mussels to the fresh fruit – devine is the only word to describe it. In the daytime, you can sit out on their little deck, which is right on the beach, and watch the world go by.

Megalochori Beach

Although not as busy as Skala Beach, Megalochori Beach draws a fair number of visitors daily. Set in the Megalochori neighborhood, the spot offers an unparalleled sense of calm; don’t be surprised if you have the whole place to yourself.

You won’t have to go too far to have a taste of everyday life again, though, as just behind the beach, there’s an excellent selection of cafes, bars, and local eateries that will surely tempt you for a snack in the afternoon or a nice cocktail.

Aponissos Beach

One of our all-time favorites is the glorious Aponissos Beach, lying on the island’s west coast. Celebrated for its privacy and paradise-like vibes, finding it can be tricky, but if you take the main road through the rural settlement of Limenaria in the south, keep an eye out for some salt flats, follow them over a cliff edge, and you should be able to see it.

In the high season, it can get quite busy with lots of tourist boats and yachts pulling up for a dip in the sea, so try to get there as early as possible to enjoy it without the chaos.

Aponissos Beach is an amazing location for swimming, too; the ice-blue waters are like something from a movie. During summer and spring, a little pop-up bar opens up around there, so you can relish an ice-cold beer or fresh glass of Greek wine in the sunshine.

Dragonera Beach

Three kilometers southwest of Megalochori is the quiet Dragonera Beach up along the island’s west coast. It doesn’t see that many tourists compared to Skala Beach. Still, it has a really lovely feel to it and all the essentials, like a couple of sunbeds with straw-made umbrellas, background music (sometimes), and let’s not forget the 205 yards of area available to explore.

If you’re an avid adventurer and a huge fan of the outdoors, you’ll be happy to know that Dragnera Beach has some free camping areas; imagine waking up to the sound of the waves crashing up onto the shore and looking out at views of the Νησίδα Κυρά island.

Well-maintained roads also connect Dragnera Beach, so getting there won’t be an issue.

Where To Stay On Agistri

The vast majority of accommodation options in Agistri are concentrated around the island’s northern part between the seaside villages of Skala and Megalochori. Staying in the south isn’t feasible as there aren’t really any hotels down there; it’s pretty remote, to say the least.

Skala and Megalochori have some similarities but are also quite different at the same time. If you want a bit of life around you, stick to Skala, whereas if you want some peace and quiet, Megalochori will be more up your alley. Regardless, the two of them are super close to each other; the drive is only a little over five minutes, and you could even walk it if you wanted to.


Skala is undoubtedly where a lot of tourists base themselves for their holidays in Agistri. It’s a little affluent village with everything you could need during your stay, with an array of cute guesthouses and hotels that will catch your eye.

Dine in one of Skala’s many restaurants offering numerous Greek and international dishes, including the island’s extraordinary barbequed octopus. Yialos Fish Restaurant along the seafront has some of the most delicious oysters you’ll ever try, Copa Cabana is a must-go-to for your morning cup of coffee, and Avli Pizzeria Italian Restaurant’s margarita pizza is to die for. Up for an evening drink? A Bar and OLA and More are the places to go.

Spend your days lounging on the fabulous Skala Beach, taking the kids to the local playground for a runaround, grabbing some snacks at Supermarket Nargos for the beach, popping over to Agios Nikolaos for a stroll, or taking your photograph at the Skala Marina.

If you want to travel to one of the neighboring districts, there’s a public local bus service that operates every day. Departure times vary, so it’s best to ask your hotel, as they’ll have more up-to-date information about them, as they tend to change from time to time.

Deciding where to stay in Skala is the tricky part. So many adorable little apartments and guesthouses are dotted along the ocean and up on the hills; picking just one is a task in itself.

Here are my accommodation suggestions if you want to stay in Skala while on Agistri Island


Megalochori is the quieter alternative to Skala and the largest settlement on the island. With a population of over 500 people, it may not sound like much, but for Agistri, that’s impressive. Megalochori’s harbor was used as a naval base during the ancient Greek period and has since transformed into a peaceful fishing harbor.

With a handful of dining options, you could stay in Megalochori for your meals without having to venture to Skala.

Sailor is where the locals love to indulge in their favorite Greek snacks, Kafenes To Mantraki serves up some filling late-night dishes, and NUEVO Cafe Beach Snack Bar has the best views you can enjoy with an iced Americano.

For a couple of days we spent in Megalochori, we found ourselves having a drink to end the night at the Yacht Club Jamaica Pool Bar – the staff in there was so friendly, and the drinks were made to perfection.

The only downside about Megalochori was that there weren’t many bars around other than Yacht Club Jamaica Pool Bar, so if you’re one for going out and partying, you’ll probably prefer Skala as there are more options in that area.

While in Megalochori, you have to check out Paralia Magalochori Beach, watch the boats come in at Magalochori Port, walk up in and around the historical landmark of Mnimio Kountourioti Antoniou, and don’t forget to take your little ones for a game at the Basketball Court.

Megalochori may not have as many accommodation options as Skala does, but the available ones are certain to entice you for a night or two.

Take a look at these Megalochori properties for your stay:

Pack Your Bags, And Let’s Explore Agistri Island, Greece!

Agistri may not be as wild as Corfu or as historic as Rhodes, but it certainly has its own unique appeal ywon’tn’t find anywhere else in Greece. Pluit’st’s only a short ferry ride away from Athens, so it would be rude not to go and see what the fuss is about!

Now that you know all about the alluring island of Agistri, you can start putting your plans in place for the trip of a lifetime.

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