Croatia Family Holidays Are Best At Family Hotel Amarin

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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

There are loads of options for finding the best place to stay with kids in Croatia and I have found one of the absolute best to save you from having to do the tedious research. 

Early this year, our family took a weekend trip to Rovinj and stayed at the flawless Family Hotel Amarin, Rovinj.

You can’t just wing it and find any old accommodation in my opinion – maybe for a night, but not for an extended Croatia family holiday – and I guarantee no member of your family will be disappointed by this Croatian family hotel.

Kids need a few extra touches so that they (and you) can be satisfied. It’s all about the right facilities, the right location, and of course, you want it to be clean and comfortable, and I am sorry to say that some hotels in Croatia fall short of this for families.

In my experience, when you’re traveling with kids, picking the right hotel is critical because if there are no facilities, or at least not the right age-appropriate facilities for your little ones, the family holiday is not going to be enjoyable for anyone. E.g., Imagine no fridge if your little one needs milk, or what about no play equipment for lazy days?

When holidaying in Rovinj, the best family hotel is, without question, the Family Hotel Amarin – it’s got ‘family’ in the name, and the family theme runs throughout the entire hotel.

I would dare say that this is the best family hotel in Croatia – a big claim I know.

I can’t say for certain as we have not stayed in them all (it’s on the list of things to do, though!) But seriously, this place blew our expectations out of the water.


To help you see why this is the top hotel for families in Croatia, let’s explore the hotel in a bit more detail.

Family Hotel Amarin Location

Rovinj is one of the most visited areas in Istria. And for a good reason.

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Along with beautiful beaches, culture, and amazing architecture to explore, you also get to have all the fun of a summer holiday or an off-season adventure.

Rovinj has enough to keep you busy (almost) all year long.

The Family Hotel Amarin is a beach-front hotel located on a very lush and green peninsula jutting out to sea. The hotel is just under 24 miles away from Pula Airport, so no need for an extremely long transfer, and if you want to get around and explore, there is a bus stop just outside the hotel itself, plus the hotel offers a free shuttle service to and from Old Town Rovinj.

If you drive, the hotel offers free guest parking that you can come and go from with your own access key.

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Hotel Facilities At Family Hotel Amarin

Hotel Amarin - Outdoor Fun
Family Hotel Amarin: Outdoor Fun

The Amarin Hotel has everything. Full stop. Facilities include three outdoor swimming pools and a year-round indoor pool. An array of things to keep the kids occupied, including a dedicated kid’s club, outdoor spaces to roam, an outdoor play area, and several restaurants and bars on site.

The further good news is that the WiFi is lightning, so the kids can stream Kids YouTube fast and hassle-free when it’s iPad time.

Oh, and the WiFi works throughout the entire property, and not just in public spaces, which for us was perfect. We could drop the Little Donkey in Kid’s Club and spend a few hours working by the pool.

Family Hotel Amarin: My Office
Family Hotel Amarin: My Kind of Office

The restaurants on-site offer a range of international meals and kids’ menus to suit picky palates. The snack bar is also available throughout the day with yummy treats for all ages.

During dinner and lunch, the main buffet for meals has food that goes way beyond any other Croatia buffet we have experienced, and the decor is upmarket and super stylish.

As an added bonus, one section of the buffet is lowered so kids can help themselves to what they to eat. The Little Donkey loved feeling all grown up getting his own meals.

Family Hotel Amarin: Kid's Buffet
Family Hotel Amarin: Kid’s Buffet

Family Hotel Amarin Room Options

Family Hotel Amarin Rovinj - Our Room
Family Hotel Amarin Rovin: Our Room

You have a few options to choose from, and all of them cater to both small and larger families.

Premium double or twin room: These rooms have either a double bed and two extra rollout beds or two single beds and two extra rollout beds. These rooms fit up to four people comfortably.

Classic double or classic twin room: This is the most basic room of them all, although still roomy, with either a double bed or two singles.

Suite: This room caters for up to four people but has more space within it, e.g., a sitting area, etc., kids, and also has a rollout bed in the living area.

Premium family room: This room is perfect for larger families and can fit up to four adults and two children, with double beds, single beds, and rollout sofa beds.


Things to do in Croatia_Family Hotel Amarin, Rovinj

Bonus room facilities that not all family hotels in Croatia have thought of: Rooms are focused entirely on child safety, with child safety socket covers as standard and high balcony walls. Plus, you can also request a cot if you require one, and the rooms all come with dedicated children’s TV channels.

All of the rooms come with robes and slippers like your regular hotel… but as a charming touch – the kids get given robes in either blue or pink in their size. Now isn’t that adorable?

Family Hotel Amarin: Coloured Robes
Family Hotel Amarin: Kid’s Sized Robes

Programs For Kids At Hotel Amarin

As the name would suggest, this family hotel is really geared up for families and children of all ages.

That means keeping the kids happy and occupied so Mum and Dad can enjoy a break (…and boy did we!).

There is a comprehensive animation program throughout not only the day but also into the evening. The dedicated child entertainment staff on hand really aim to keep everyone happy, smiling, and dancing from sunrise to well past sundown.

The kids’ activities are divided into several age groups – so that kids are not bored. All age-appropriate activities looked like fun, with plenty of smiling and happy faces wherever we went.

Family Hotel Amarin: Evening Programme
Family Hotel Amarin: Evening Programme (Little Donkey is the one in neon orange
Family Hotel Amarin Rovinj - RockWall
Family Hotel Amarin Rovinj: Rock Wall
Family Hotel Amarin - Blue Net Area
Family Hotel Amarin: Blue Net Area

Our Little Donkey raved about the bike riding and the ‘Blue Net Area,’ as he called it. As soon as you walk into reception, your kids will runoff over a few meters toward the shag pile carpet and run and up down the sloped walls and in and out of the nets. It’s the perfect way to check in – no nagging kids tugging at you.

Family Travel TipThere is a cafe opposite this glorious blue net area, so you can leave the kids and sit and enjoy coffee or wine while they run and play (yay for getting them very tired).

The cafe is also near the front entrance, making it the perfect place to start your Croatia vacation!

Family Hotel Amarin: Cafe Entrance
Family Hotel Amarin: Cafe Opposite Blue Net Area

On top of this, there is an indoor climbing and play area and an outdoor playground, plenty of green space to run, and a games room to boot. The grounds are very family-friendly – and pram-friendly, so get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Family Hotel Amarin: Games Room
Family Hotel Amarin: Games Room

The pools are all suitable for children and adults, so it’s not only kids having all the fun at this family holiday resort.

There are pool toys and a kick-ass waterslide – we had to drag the Little Donkey off the slides each day.

The kids club will keep your kids not only occupied but mentally stimulated.

The kid’s club is a great place to make new friends as there are kids of all nationalities having fun all in one place. ,

If the kid’s club is not enough, you may want to take advantage of the 24-hour babysitting services on offer.

We stayed during a weekend where there was a party – oh boy, did we have fun. Balloons. Kids Champagne. Music. Prizes, you name it – it was there!

Family Hotel Amarin_: WOW

Hotel Amarin Also Has Something For Adults

It’s not all about the kids!

There are facilities to help the adults relax, and most of them are focused inside the luxurious spa and wellness center, and the fitness center.

Family Hotel Amarin: Spa
Family Hotel Amarin: Spa

The sauna, hot tub, and jacuzzi will tick those boxes, and there is a range of massages and spa treatments you can take up for an extra cost.

As you can see, the Family Hotel Amarin really does have it all on-site, and it might be that you wonder why you should even leave the four walls and grounds!

That said, please do make sure to head over and enjoy Rovinj and the surrounding areas – both are worth leaving this immaculate hotel for – I promise.


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  1. Great Post! Very nice places to visit! Im planning to go in that place to relax and enjoy the nature. I will save money for it together with my family.

  2. These kids are so lucky! Croatia is still on my bucketlist and it is an iconic sailing destination too (we are sailing around the world on our boat)! Cannot wait to get there!

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