4 Best Travel Adapters And Converters For Turkey

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When planning a trip to Turkey, one essential item that often gets overlooked is the travel adapter and converter. The country’s electrical systems and outlets can differ significantly from what travelers might be used to at home. In this guide, I cover the power plug you need and the best adapters to take with you.

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Power sockets in Turkey typically run at 220 volts with a standard frequency of 50 Hertz, which means if you’re coming from a place like the United States, where the standard is 120 volts at 60 Hertz, you’ll need a device that ensures your electronics are compatible and safe to use.

Travel adapters are crucial for connecting devices to Turkish sockets, which are types F and C. A converter, on the other hand, is necessary if your devices are not dual-voltage.

It’s a common mistake to assume that an adapter is all that is needed, but for gadgets that don’t support the 220-volt standard, a converter is what prevents you from accidentally frying your beloved hair straightener or charging brick.

When it comes to choosing the right product, it’s essential to look for a quality adapter and converter combo that can handle the wattage of your devices, is suitable for the type of electronics you’re carrying, and is convenient to pack. Size and weight become considerable factors, especially if you’re trying to travel light. I also look for durability and universal use so that I can use the same set in multiple countries and for various types of gadgets.

After outfitting myself with the proper gear to keep my electronics charged and functioning, I feel more prepared to embark on the adventure that awaits in Turkey. From the bustling bazaars to the majestic spires of Istanbul, knowing my camera is ready at a moment’s notice gives me peace of mind. Now, let’s get into the details of which travel adapters and converters make the cut for a smooth and worry-free Turkish getaway.

Travel Adapter And Converter Essentials For Turkey

A white power plug on a green wall in Turkey

When I travel to Turkey, I make sure to pack the right travel adapter and converter to keep my devices powered up. Turkey’s electrical system is different from what we’re used to in many other countries, and the last thing you want is to be caught with a dead phone or camera when there’s so much beauty to capture.

My roundup includes versatile, reliable picks that work seamlessly with Turkey’s Type C and Type F outlets, ensuring you stay connected, whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Istanbul or taking in the stunning landscapes of Cappadocia.

1. TESSAN Travel Adapter

Rating: ★★★★ 4/5 stars

Absolutely pick this up for hassle-free charging during your travels to most European countries, thanks to its practicality.


  • Conveniently charges four devices simultaneously
  • Integrated phone holder for ease of use
  • Dual USB ports for faster charging of smartphones and tablets


  • No voltage conversion for 110V-only devices
  • Bulkiness may block adjacent outlets
  • Heats up with prolonged use

Recalling my recent trip to Istanbul, the TESSAN Travel Adapter proved invaluable. This handy gadget kept my phone, tablet, and camera fully charged without any hiccups. Imagine touring the grand bazaars and capturing every moment, knowing your devices are ready for the whole day.

Even in cozy hotel rooms, the built-in phone holder was a smart touch, keeping my device secure and accessible while it powered up. It’s small gestures like this that make a travel adapter more than just a piece of plastic—it becomes a trusty travel companion.

However, no product’s perfect and neither is this one. At one point, when I needed to use a nearby outlet, this adapter’s size got in the way. It can be a little greedy for space. Additionally, during extended charging sessions, I noticed it warmed up significantly, so I made sure to keep an eye on it. Just a heads-up for those long, device-filled evenings when everything needs a recharge!



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2. TESSAN Adapter Duo

Rating: ★★★★ 4/5 stars

I recently traveled with the TESSAN Adapter Duo, and I must say it’s a game-changer for anyone needing power in Turkey.


  • Accommodates multiple devices simultaneously
  • Incredibly light and compact for travel
  • Type-C port included for faster charging


  • Does not include surge protection
  • Not compatible with high-wattage appliances without dual voltage
  • Not suitable for UK/Ireland/Scotland

In a sea of travel adapters vying for attention, the TESSAN Adapter Duo stands out. Its design maximizes convenience, allowing me to plug in my laptop, phone, and camera charger all at once, with room to spare for a travel buddy’s gadgets. This was supremely handy in cafés where outlets were as coveted as the last slice of baklava.

I appreciated the heft—or lack thereof—of this adapter. My backpack was already burdened with souvenirs and a hefty travel guide, so the compactness of the TESSAN kept me from tipping the scales. Plus, tucking it into a side pocket meant I could access it faster than you can say “Merhaba!”

The USB-C port proved its worth by slashing my phone’s charging time, keeping me connected for navigating Istanbul’s bustling Grand Bazaar and sharing snapshots without missing a beat. However, there’s a bit of caveat; without surge protection, I was reluctant to charge my more sensitive electronics during Istanbul’s thunderstorms. Additionally, I had to bench my trusty hair straightener as it wasn’t dual-voltage—this adapter doesn’t convert power.

Would I recommend the TESSAN Adapter Duo? Absolutely, especially for the digital nomad or the casual tourist looking to keep their tech arsenal charged and ready. Just make sure your devices play nice with the voltage.



3. TESSAN Travel Adapter For Turkey

Rating: ★★★★ 4/5 stars

Having just come back from a trip to Turkey, I can say that this adapter is a solid choice for anyone needing to keep their devices charged and ready to go.


  • Charging multiple devices simultaneously is a breeze.
  • The compact design slips effortlessly into any carry-on.
  • USB ports offer fast charging for phones and tablets.


  • Its size can block adjacent outlets, which can be bothersome.
  • May not accommodate high-wattage appliances without dual voltage capacity.
  • The plug design is not ideal for every type of outlet or power strip configuration.

When traveling through Turkey’s bustling cities and historical sites, staying connected is key. I found the TESSAN adapter indispensable for keeping my smartphone and camera charged, ensuring I didn’t miss capturing any memorable moments due to a dead battery. The ability to charge up to four devices was especially useful when I shared a room with a friend—we could both recharge our gadgets without fighting over wall sockets.

During my layovers in different hotels and airports, the compact design of the adapter proved its worth. It fit nicely alongside my travel essentials, showing that great things indeed come in small packages. And I didn’t need a separate bulky currency converter; this little device handled my needs with ease.

I did notice that when it was plugged into a wall socket, it took up more space than I liked, potentially blocking an adjacent outlet. This required some strategizing in tight spaces. Additionally, it’s crucial to double-check that your high-powered devices support dual voltage, which is something the TESSAN adapter requires for such electronics to function safely.

Overall, the experience with this adapter was a positive one. It performed reliably, was easy to pack, and I didn’t have to worry about my devices running out of juice in the middle of exploring Turkey—be it the grand bazaars or the stunning coastline. Despite its few drawbacks in design, its practicality makes it a must-have for any savvy traveler heading to this enchanting part of the world.



4. Compact Euro Travel Adapter

Rating: ★★★★ 4/5 stars

If you’re heading to Turkey or anywhere in Europe, this adapter’s practical design and reliability make it a wise choice for charging your devices.


  • Charges multiple devices simultaneously
  • Comes with a Type-G adapter for UK use
  • Very compact and travel-friendly


  • Not a voltage converter for 110v to 220v
  • Limited utility in non-European countries
  • Might be snug in some outlets

Having recently been to Turkey, this adapter was a lifesaver when it came to keeping my gadgets charged. Its ability to handle a laptop and phone simultaneously without any fuss is a huge advantage when you’re on the move. The USB-C port is particularly handy for a quick charge, and it seems quicker than most standard chargers.

The adapter’s size is another win; it’s so small and light that I barely noticed it in my backpack. For travelers who like to pack light, this feature is golden. Plus, slipping it into that tiny spare pocket of your suitcase is a breeze. Even in crowded hostels where outlet space is at a premium, the slim design doesn’t block other sockets.

However, bear in mind this isn’t made to convert voltage, which can be an issue for some electronics between the US and Europe. You won’t be powering your high-voltage devices from back home, a minor inconvenience but something to be aware of. Also, in some older buildings I visited, the fit was a bit tight, though it worked perfectly well after a bit of jiggling.

Overall, for a short trip around Europe with a simple need for charging electronic devices, this adapter is a no-brainer to bring along.


Buying Guide

Understanding Plug Types

When planning a trip to Turkey, it’s key to know that the country uses Type C and Type F plugs. The standard voltage is 220V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz. So, make sure the travel adapter I choose matches these specs.

Key Adapter Features

  • Multiple Plug Types: To be flexible, I look for an adapter that covers more than just Turkey’s plug types.
  • USB Ports: A good adapter should have USB ports to charge multiple devices.

Voltage Converters

Note for Device Safety: If I’m bringing gadgets not suited for 220V, I need a voltage converter. Devices like hair dryers or straighteners often need converters, while many modern electronics like laptops and phone chargers are dual voltage.

Durability and Safety

  • Build Quality: I seek out adapters made of durable, heat-resistant materials to ensure longevity.
  • Safety Certifications: It’s smart to go for adapters with safety certifications like CE, FCC, or RoHS.

Compactness and Portability

Since I’m traveling, I want something light and compact. Large, clunky adapters take up too much space. Therefore, size matters!

Checking Reviews

  • Customer Feedback: Before buying, I read reviews to gauge real-world performance.
  • Warranty: A warranty can be a lifesaver, so I check if it’s offered.

Always remember, it’s all about finding the right balance between functionality, safety, and convenience. A reliable travel adapter is a small investment for a hassle-free experience in Turkey.


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