Airports In Serbia: Ultimate Travel Guide To Serbian Airports

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Exploring the airports of Serbia can be an exciting part of your travel itinerary, whether you’re flying internationally or hopping between cities within the country. Serbia might not be the largest country in Europe, but its airports serve as vital hubs for both domestic and international travelers.

At the forefront is the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, the main gateway to the nation, handling the vast majority of air traffic. It’s not just about sheer numbers—this airport is a hub of activity that connects Serbia with numerous global destinations.

Keep ready to know more about all the airports in Serbia.

Serbia Travel Blog_Guide To Airports In Serbia

For a more regional focus, Serbia provides additional airports that support international and domestic flights, including destinations like Nis and Kraljevo. These smaller hubs offer essential services and can be a more convenient option for reaching other parts of the region.

When flying into or within Serbia, knowing which airline operates which route can be beneficial; some airlines focus more on international routes, while others provide domestic flights. Furthermore, travel tips, such as the best times to fly or navigating airport transfers, can significantly enhance your overall experience.

List Of Airports In Serbia

Whether you’re jetting off internationally or hopping between cities, Serbia’s airports connect you to where you need to go.

Here, you’ll find a list of airports in Serbia;

  1. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport 
  2. Niš Constantine the Great Airport 
  3. Morava Airport 
  4. Ponikve Airport 
  5. Vršac Airport 

International Airports WIth Airport Codes

This travel guide will help you navigate the airports of Serbia - Belgrade Airport

Serbia boasts several airports, but let’s focus on the major ones you’re most likely to use:

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (BEG) – Biggest International Airport In Serbia

Location: Belgrade
Distance from City Center: Approximately 18 km
Destinations: Serves as the central hub for Air Serbia, offering flights to numerous destinations across Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Africa. Common destinations include Frankfurt, Paris, London, Moscow, New York, and Zurich.

Niš Constantine the Great Airport (INI)

Location: Niš
Distance from City Center: Approximately 4 km
Destinations: Offers flights primarily to European cities. Airlines operating include Air Serbia, Wizz Air, and Ryanair, with destinations like Vienna, Frankfurt (Hahn), Milan, and Stockholm.

Morava Airport (KVO)

Location: Kraljevo
Distance from City Center: Approximately 15 km
Destinations: The newest international airport in Serbia, with a growing list of destinations. Initially focused on regional flights, it aims to expand its international reach.

Other Serbian Airports

Serbia’s focus on aviation primarily revolves around its international airports, with domestic flights being less common due to the country’s compact size and the availability of alternative means of transport. However, some smaller airports occasionally serve domestic flights, mainly for touristic purposes during peak seasons. These include:

Ponikve Airport (UZC)

Location: Užice

Destinations: Currently, there are no regular commercial flights, but the airport has the potential for future domestic connections.

Vršac Airport

Location: Vršac

Destinations: Primarily used for training and recreational flying, with no scheduled commercial services.

Brands We Use And Trust


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Air traffic control at Belgrade Airport Serbia

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, your gateway to Serbia, is the largest airport in the country, conveniently situated 18 km west of the city center. Serving as the hub for the flag carrier Air Serbia, the airport sports the IATA code BEG. It offers a range of services and amenities for both domestic and international travelers.

Services and Amenities

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport goes the extra mile to ensure your comfort. With free Wi-Fi access for the first 60 minutes, staying connected is easy. The airport lounges welcome you to relax before your flight, especially if you’re a premium passenger.

For a quick charge, mobile charging points are scattered throughout the terminals. Craving a snack or a meal at an odd hour? You’ve got 24-hour food options waiting for you.

Transportation and Access

You’ve got options when it comes to getting to and from the airport. If you’re looking to rent a car at the airport, several rental agencies are available on-site so that you can be on your way in no time.

For a more direct route to the city center or surrounding areas, taxis and buses are ready to whisk you away. The clear signage and accessible roads make your journey to and from the airport seamless.

Airlines and Destinations

Are you flying with Air Serbia? You’re at the right place, as they fly to a multitude of destinations from BEG. But they’re not the only ones.

A variety of international airlines also operate here, connecting you to cities across Europe and beyond. Whether you’re off to a short domestic hop or an international adventure, you’ll find your flight at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

Constantine The Great Airport In Niš

Constantine the Great Airport (IATA: INI), situated in the city of Niš, is your gateway to southern Serbia. Though it’s the second-largest airport in the country, it presents a cozy travel environment. Here’s what you should know:

  • Destinations: Connects you to several European cities.
  • Airlines: Primarily served by low-cost carriers for budget-friendly travel.
  • Facilities: Despite its size, it offers essential services for your comfort.

Airline Information

Air Serbia and Turkish Airlines - Istanbul

When planning your trip to or from Serbia, knowing which airlines operate at its airports is essential for a seamless travel experience. From the national carrier to budget-friendly options, you have a variety of choices depending on your travel needs.

National Carrier: Air Serbia

Air Serbia is the national carrier, offering a wide network of destinations both within Europe and internationally. As a hub for the airline, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport serves as a foundation for its extensive route map.

You can rely on Air Serbia for full-service flights that include amenities and luggage allowances in your ticket price.

Budget Airlines

For travelers looking to save on airfare, several budget airlines operate in Serbia.

Wizz Air stands out with its base at Belgrade’s airport, offering affordable connections to numerous European cities.

Another low-cost carrier you might consider is Ryanair, which also provides inexpensive flights to Europe, helping you keep your travel budget in check.

International Airlines Operating in Serbia

Serbia’s air travel landscape is served by a diverse array of international airlines, connecting it to global destinations through key hubs. Among the biggest is Turkish Airlines, which offers extensive connectivity via Istanbul, linking Serbia with numerous cities worldwide.

Additionally, a wide range of international carriers operate regular flights to and from Serbia, ensuring seamless travel possibilities from almost any location across the globe, such as:

  1. Aegean Airlines
  2. Aeroflot
  3. Air France
  4. Air Serbia
  5. Alitalia
  6. Austrian Airlines
  7. Belavia Belarusian Airlines
  8. British Airways
  9. Czech Airlines
  10. easyJet
  11. Ellinair
  12. Emirates
  13. Etihad Airways
  14. Flydubai
  15. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  16. LOT Polish Airlines
  17. Lufthansa
  18. Montenegro Airlines
  19. Norwegian Air Shuttle
  20. Pegasus Airlines
  21. Qatar Airways
  22. Ryanair
  23. Scandinavian Airlines
  24. Swiss International Air Lines
  25. TAROM
  26. Turkish Airlines
  27. Vueling
  28. Wizz Air

Travel Tips And Practical Information

When traveling to or from Serbia’s airports, having insider knowledge can make your journey smoother. With these tips, you’ll fly like a seasoned traveler, savvy about the best times, airport security, and shopping options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Serbia Airports


What are the main airports in Serbia?

The main airports in Serbia are Belgrade Airport (also known as Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport) and Nis Constantine the Great Airport, among others.

How many passengers does the busiest airport in Serbia handle?

The busiest airport in Serbia is the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. It handled 7,946,714 passengers in 2023, representing an increase of 41.6% compared to the year before.

Which international airports operate in Serbia?

Three international airports are operating in Serbia, including Belgrade Airport and Nis Constantine the Great Airport.

Where is Belgrade Airport located?

Belgrade Airport, the busiest airport in Serbia, is located about 18 km from the city of Belgrade.

What are some of the facilities at Belgrade Airport?

Belgrade Airport offers facilities such as cargo services, air taxi services, and international flights to various destinations.

What is the ICAO code for Belgrade Airport?

The ICAO code for Belgrade Airport (Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport) is LYBE.

Best Times To Fly

To avoid the hustle and bustle at Serbian airports, plan your trip during off-peak seasons like late autumn or early spring. Not only will you experience shorter queues, but flights are often cheaper during these times.

For domestic flights, aim for midweek travel when the airports are less crowded.

Navigating Airport Security

Please familiarize yourself with the TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule; it applies at Serbian airports, too.

Keep your travel documents handy, and remember to place electronics and liquids in easily accessible spots in your carry-on to breeze through security checks.

Security Checklist

  • Boarding pass and ID in a quick-access pocket
  • Electronics and liquids are easily reachable
  • Shoes and belts that can be easily removed
  • No prohibited items in your luggage

Duty-Free And Shopping

Serbian airports offer a delightful array of duty-free shops. You’ll find local specialties, from Rakija to artisan chocolates, perfect for last-minute gifts.

For higher-priced items, don’t forget that duty-free shopping can save you a pretty penny. Just be sure to check the allowances for your destination country to avoid any customs hiccups.

If you need to rent a car upon arrival, advance bookings are typically more cost-effective and can guarantee vehicle availability.

You’ll find rental counters conveniently located in the arrivals hall.

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