Best Travel Umbrellas To Keep You Dry

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Here is a list of the best travel umbrellas to keep you dry during your travels.

Best Travel Umbrellas Reviews - TRAVEL REVIEWS

When traveling to a new destination, you can research the weather all you want, but you still need to be prepared for the unexpected. A freak downpour can happen anywhere, at any time, and not having an umbrella at hand could be a huge mistake. Of course, when traveling, you’ll want to find the best, smallest, and lightest umbrella without scrimping on quality. So, let’s talk best travel umbrellas.

What Is A Travel Umbrella?

A travel umbrella is, as the name would suggest, an umbrella that is small and compact, often lightweight, but also strong at the same time. Just because your umbrella is tiny, that doesn’t mean it should be able to blow inside out with the slightest gust.

Best Travel Umbrellas

JUEQI Ultra Light And Small Mini Travel Umbrella

Awarded: Best Mini Umbrella That Folds

This mini travel umbrella is so small; you certainly won’t notice that you’re carrying it. It is just 6.5″ long when folded up and only weighs 200 g, so it’s certainly a lightweight folding umbrella. The umbrella also comes with a waterproof case for protection, and once you have used it, you can quickly put it back in the case without issues.

It is coated with high-tech Nano Polymer Compound to help you shake most of the water off once it has been used, and you can then pack it away straight away. You can also use this as a sun-shielding umbrella, as it protects you against 95% UV.

The best feature of this small, lightweight umbrella is that it folds: Tiny, and the outer coating means it dries fast—a good travel umbrella.

Why you should keep looking for a new travel umbrella: Manual opening only


OldPAPA Mini Five-Fold Pocket Umbrella

Choose between four attractive colors in this super-small travel umbrella. With UV 50+ protection, the umbrella will save you from rain and sun while fitting easily into any bag at just 17 cm when folded up.

Small, lightweight, compact, and super-fashionable too! When unfolded, the umbrella has a diameter of 92 cm, so large enough to cover two people easily. The umbrella is also made of high-density cloth and has a slightly rougher handle, so it’s easy to grip and hold.,


AmazonBasics Automatic Small Portable Umbrella For Travel With Wind Vent

Awarded: Best Umbrella For The Price

Thanks to its double-canopy wind vent and steel and polyester materials, this AmazonBasics umbrella is a perfect compact umbrella to take with you on trips. Its thoughtful design features a button that automatically opens the umbrella and can collapse the canopy again. As well as a soft-grip handle for ergonomic comfort, a wrist strap allows for hands-free carrying. The umbrella also comes with a slip-on storage sleeve.

The best feature of this small, lightweight travel umbrella: Customers appreciate the canopy’s size, considering it’s a small umbrella. It was also very cheap.

Why you should keep looking for the best travel umbrella: There have been complaints about the automatic opening mechanism.


Brands We Use And Trust


Brooklyn Basix Premium Vented Travel Umbrella

Awarded: Best Umbrellas For Wind And Rain

This small but ultra-effective travel umbrella is reinforced with steel ribs to stop it from blowing inside out during adverse weather, making it the best umbrella for wind. Despite its strength, it closes up small and compact while looking at the part with a red and charcoal top.

The umbrella is rated 30+ for UV protection from rain or the sun. Another perk is that this small windproof umbrella opens by button, so no wrestling with the opening mechanism when in a hurry! At just 1.2 lb, it is also a very lightweight choice.

The best feature of this small travel umbrella: Robust. It was awarded the best small umbrella for wind and rain.

Why you should keep looking for a new travel umbrella: Not as lightweight as some other umbrellas.


Umenice Automatic 9-Rib Travel Umbrella

Available in navy blue, red, and black, this travel umbrella is deceivingly large because when folded up, it looks tiny, at just 11.5 inches. When you open the canopy, however, it measures 39″. This small travel umbrella is made of 210T thread-count fabric, and it has Charmous Dupont Teflon water-repellent coating, which is also oil and dust-repellent. The umbrella opens with the press of a button, and it is also very strong and windproof, with 9-rib construction.

The best feature of this automatic travel umbrella: Is that it has one button opening mechanism, which is handy

Why you should keep looking for another best portable umbrellas for travel: A little more expensive than some other travel umbrellas


Totes 6.7 Ounce Micro Mini Umbrella

This micro travel umbrella is available in two bright colors, pink and green, so you will easily spot it in your bag when the rain starts. You can also use this product as a sun protection umbrella because it has UV protection and waterproof qualities. The compact travel umbrella is made of long-lasting nylon, and the frame is also strong and windproof. The umbrella weighs only 6.7 ounces and easily fits into your bag.

This travel umbrella’s best feature is that it is an attractive option and does the job.

Why you should keep looking for the best windproof mini umbrella: It doesn’t have a one-button opening mechanism.


Totes Micro Mini Purse Manual Umbrella

This travel umbrella is from a big-name brand, so you can expect quality. It is available in several different colors and patterns. The umbrella opens manually and comes with a protective cover and case to keep it safe and dry. The handle is made of rubber for easy gripping when walking around or in a strong wind, and the size when open is 38″, which is certainly large enough for two people walking side by side.

The best feature of this large umbrella that folds small: A sturdy travel umbrella from a big-name brand.

You should keep looking for a new travel umbrella: A manual umbrella only.


Vumos Small Mini Umbrella With Case

Awarded: Best Compact Travel Umbrella

If you like your umbrellas bright, this is the one for you. It is available in eleven bright colors and is compact and lightweight. The umbrella weighs 210 g, including the case, which is waterproof. The umbrella’s frame is made of strong metal and has fiberglass ribs to keep it in place during high winds. This compact wind-resistant umbrella is also made of Pongee fabric, which has a special water-resistant coating, and after one shake, it is almost dry!

The best feature of this mini quick-dry umbrella for travel: Fast drying, so you can store it almost instantly. It was awarded the best compact umbrella.

Why you should keep looking for a new travel umbrella: A little more expensive than some of the other travel umbrellas available


Cozyswan Travel Umbrella With Automatic Folding

Awarded: Best Collapsible Umbrella For Budget Travel

This is a great double-feature umbrella because it can protect you from rain and the sun, with a high UV rating. The umbrella opens with one button, and you do the same thing to close it. It is also constructed with a wind-protective frame, and the canopy is made of a polyamide and cotton blend, which is strong and highly waterproof. At just 24″ long when folded, it opens up to 43″, making it more than large enough for a rain umbrella that you can also use as a foldable beach umbrella.

The best feature of this sturdy, compact travel umbrella: Low cost

Why you should keep looking for a new travel umbrella: Only available in one color


Benkii 60mph Windproof 10 Rib Travel Umbrella

Awarded: Best Windproof Travel Umbrella

Available in three muted, dark colors, this travel umbrella is easy to open and close with just one hand, using just one button. It is also made of 10-rib construction, which is more than most other travel umbrellas of its type, making it much more robust. The ribs are also made of reinforced, extremely flexible fiberglass. If the umbrella blows inside out, it will quickly flip back without damage.

This windproof travel umbrella’s best feature is solid, with 10-rib construction. It was awarded the best windproof mini umbrella for travel.

Why you should keep looking for a new travel umbrella: Not as light as some others available


EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella With Windproof Double Canopy Construction

This super-affordable high-quality compact umbrella sets itself apart from most other travel umbrellas thanks to its amazing double canopy construction. This feature allows wind to pass through the vents, which prevents the umbrella from flipping over or breaking.

On top of that, a stainless steel and fiberglass frame offers additional strength during strong wind gusts. This is also a lightweight windproof umbrella, while it folds down to 11 inches to easily fit in a backpack or tote bag.

The best feature of this wind-resistant travel umbrella is the Vented double canopy construction for ultimate wind resistance. Also very durable and lightweight.

Why you should keep looking for a new travel umbrella: It doesn’t fold down as small as other travel umbrellas.

E-Feel Windproof Rain Umbrella

This is a robust super-wind-resistant travel umbrella, made of strong steel and polyester. This umbrella weighs less than 1 lb, which is ideal for travel, and the Pongee material means it dries very quickly and can be stored away again almost immediately. With a button to open and close, you can easily use this travel umbrella with one hand.

The best feature of this lightweight, compact umbrella for travel: Easy to use and sturdy travel umbrella.

Why you should keep looking for a new travel umbrella: Only available in black


Repel Easy Touch Umbrella

Awarded: Best Lightweight Compact Travel Umbrella

While this umbrella is only available in black, it is a solid and durable choice for a lightweight travel umbrella. Its 9-rib construction makes it ultra-durable during strong winds, and it is made with reinforced fiberglass, which means it is flexible rather than snapping. The canopy dries almost instantly with Dupont Teflon technology. It is also lightweight, at less than 1 lb, and measures 11.5″ long. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for the best portable umbrella for wind.

This super lightweight travel umbrella’s best feature is extremely strong and quick to dry. It was awarded the best lightweight travel umbrella.

Why you should keep looking for a new travel umbrella: Not as small as some of the other choices



Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella

If ratings are essential to you while looking for the best travel umbrella, you’ll need specific want to have a look at this small travel umbrella from Rain-Mate. Receiving consistent top ratings, this is a sturdy, light, compact, and waterproof umbrella.

It has nine reinforced lightweight fiberglass ribs, while the metal shaft and handle provide strength. Its canopy can withstand the strongest wind gusts thanks to fail-safe technology hinges. Although gusts may still invert the canopy, they will not break! And for even more peace of mind, there’s also a lifetime replacement guarantee.

The best feature of this robust and compact umbrella is: It comes in 9 different colors and, as such, is suitable for men, women, and kids.

Why you should keep looking for a new lightweight umbrella for travel: Its fold-down size of 12 inches is larger than some alternatives and a bit heavy.



Why Should I Pack A Travel Umbrella?

Having a small travel umbrella means you are prepared and won’t get drenched by adverse weather when you least expect it. So you don’t get caught in the rain in the middle of nowhere! You might think a regular umbrella will do, but these are often larger and heavier, taking up important space inside your bag. Or even worse, you get burdened with carrying it around all day.

We also recommend a lightweight rain jacket!

Features To Look For In The Best Compact Umbrella For Travel

As with any product, there are certain things you need to look for when you decide on the best travel umbrella for you.

Cost Of A Travel Umbrella

You might be thinking that this is an extra cost you can do without, but we’ve already explored the fact that it is a purchase that is worth it. For that reason, finding the lowest-priced mini travel umbrella while still being high quality is essential.

Travel Umbrella Material And Durability

To be lightweight and durable, you need to look at the small travel umbrella’s material. Plastic is a popular choice, as this is very lightweight, but you will also find more luxurious options, such as waterproof satin material. Check out travel umbrella reviews like this, and become informed on what’s hot and what’s not! This is what will dictate the price to some extent, so a bit of research is required.

Other Considerations

Does it have an automatic pop-up feature? To what extent is it windproof? Is the handle small, or is it hooked? Do you need a slimline travel umbrella, a large travel umbrella, or a micro travel umbrella? Is it the best lightweight travel umbrella you can get for your money? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to determine what meets your needs.

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