Hotel Esplanade Zagreb: Luxury Hotel Perfect For Advent in Zagreb

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Where to stay in Zagreb: Hotel Esplanade Zagreb: Luxury Hotel Perfect For Advent in Zagreb

It’s pure luxury. No two ways about it, stay here at the Hotel Esplanade if you’re planning a trip to the Capital City of Croatia – Zagreb. Especially if you are planning on spending Christmas in Croatia, and go to the Zagreb Christmas Markets. Even if you are travelling with kids, like us.

We stayed here for four nights while we enjoyed the Advent in Zagreb {Advent u Zagrebu} festivities, including New Years Eve. As you arrive at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, you’ll be greeted by a wonderfully cheerful doorman, who will swing open the metal-studded door and usher you through to the reception area while taking your bags. Once there, you won’t have to stand in a queue. Instead, you can take a seat in the wide open reception area. With the check-in formalities over you can then take in all that the Hotel Esplanade Zagreb has to offer, like a very elegant marble staircase up to your room – never fear there is, of course, an elevator if you prefer.

Luxury Accommodation Hotel Esplanade | Chasing the Donkey Travel Blog
Where to stay in Zagreb: Hotel Esplanade
Luxury Accommodation Hotel Esplanade Lobby | Chasing the Donkey Travel Blog
Where to stay in Zagreb. Photo credit: Hotel Esplanade Zagreb

We followed the doorman, who was carting our 5 bags, pram, and with a toddler in tow we chose the lift. Once on our floor, we were shown into our suite by the doorman. A tip was paid, and then we do what we always do at this point after a long drive with our Baby Donkey – we tip out the toys and let him race around the room burning off that pent up energy.

The Esplanade Zagreb is pure luxury. 

At every turn, you can see glimpses of the years gone by,  through black and white photos from when the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel was the stop along the Orient Express. There are black and white pictures of ladies in their fancy outfits disembarking the trains and eating and having a jolly good time. Esplanade Zagreb also has art deco mirrors and furniture which give you that old world kind romantic of feeling.

You’ll need to walk up the staircase at least once because it’s all marble and is beautiful. When you stay here, do not skip the breakfast offering. You’ll regret it, for the price (or included in your room rate) you get to choose from a number of la carte meals from the menu including French toast, omelettes and pancakes. Plus you have a huge range of bread, eggs, fruit and other things you’d typically find at your breakfast bar.

Luxury Accommodation Hotel Esplanade B&W | Chasing the Donkey Travel Blog
Black & White photos on display like this one – Photo credit: Hotel Esplanade Zagreb

If a fancy hotel lobby & tasty breakfast are not enough for you, what about a STACK of L’occitane bath products & the best towels I have ever used. The L’occitane  soaps, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion is restocked daily. Yes, daily. Hello, soft and orange smelling skin.

We enjoyed the in room dining a few times given how cold it was outside and our toddler was not wanting to be in his pram anymore. No regrets here, the in-room dining has to be the best we’ve ever had and with quality kids meals, like REAL fish fingers, it was a great way to enjoy the spacious room of our suite.

There was a cot all set-up in our room & our waitress each morning remembered our sons name, and made him a babyccino. Cute right!


Luxury Accommodation Hotel Esplanade Zinfandels | Chasing the Donkey Travel Blog
Bar and Zinfandels Restaurant. Photo credit:  Hotel Esplanade Zagreb

Other things all 5-star hotels have, this one, has too. A team of staff who are all extremely helpful & friendly. Within walking distance to all of the main attractions and right next to the train station should you need it. Inside the Hotel Esplanade Zagreb is the car rental company Oryx, so if you plan to hire a car, you can also do that with ease.

Esplanade Hotel Zagreb Deluxe Suite - Chasing the Donkey
Our Deluxe Suite. Photo credit: Hotel Esplanade Zagreb

There were a few downsides, one being that the view of the old and run down train station was terrible. For how much we paid I was very disappointed, so next time I’ll be sure to request a room that has an easterly view overlooking the square. The other disappointment was the old big fat-back television with bad reception and basic channels with movies costing 24 euros each. OUCH! Not great when you want to relax and enjoy the in-room dining and particularly not great when your toddler asks over and over for the TV to be on.


We will be back to stay here, this time requesting a better view and I can already taste those yummy pancakes in my mouth for breakfast.

Hotel Esplanade Zagreb

5-Star Accommodation in Zagreb


Have you ever stayed at the Hotel Esplanade, or been to Advent in Zagreb? How was your experience?


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  1. Pingback: Rhona
  2. Pingback: Ilona
    1. Yes, give it a shot. It’s worth the extra $$. Although I have heard that the Hotel Dubrovnik had a renovation as is also nice.

  3. Pingback: Dolly
  4. Oh my goodness! This looks wonderful. Croatia is on my list of places to visit and this hotel may just be where I stay! Thank you! #SITSBlogging

  5. What a great review! I had read about the hotel last year as it was used as a stop on the Orient Express route and apparently they do a really good afternoon tea, looks so elegant. So it’s now high on my Croatian hit list when I next come to visit as I have never really spent any time in Zagreb to explore. xx

  6. A babyccino? I want one! I want to be a cool kid like that 🙂 But really, the place and the experience sounds beyond lovely.

  7. What a wonderful hotel to experience staying in. It’s got that lovely, old-fashioned glamour to it. x

  8. Looks like a lush hotel!! I’m now going to look up where Zagreb is, always want to do Croatia bareboat charter but this sells the city to me too!

    1. You could easily do a day or two in Zagreb at the beginning or end of your sailing trip. Lots to see and do.

  9. Suppose to stay there, or even getting in, I’ll have to brush my shoes (blato, blato, blato).
    Looks fantastic, truly does, but far beyond my league 🙂
    However, great you shared it, for all them others, just to show them there is more, much more to enjoy in Croatia.

  10. Wow that hotel looks amazing… would be perfect for a nice weekend and I would love to visit Croatia one day.

  11. Oh how wonderful! You do see some fabulous places – I’ve often wondered about visiting Croatia, so many places I want to see!

  12. This looks AMAZING!! What a beautiful hotel – and I love hotels with history, the black and white photo is great. Lucky you…I will be adding this to my bucket list for sure!!

    1. I can just see the Globamouse kiddies jumping on the bed. The suite we stayed in had a pullout sofa that looked cozy.

  13. Wow! What an amazing hotel!! It looks great and from your description, it sounds completely luxurious! Plus, it is always wonderful to stay in a place where the staff are helpful!!

  14. Was there a shoe-shine machine somewhere in the lobby? I ask because it’s an old-fashioned holdover I’ve seen in a lot of Croatian hotels.

      1. It’s such an odd thing there. Even in some beach towns like Komiža, where flip-flops reign, hotels have those shoe-shine machines. I suppose it’s a concession to “business travelers” -which makes sense in ZGB, but not resorts. Of course, I normally stay in private flats, but on my rare hotel stays that’s something so reminiscent of the Yugo days when I first visited. It’s quaint, if outdated.

  15. It has been said the “Balkans begin on the South Porch of the Hotel Esplanade”. which I always took to mean that the hotel itself was within Europe, or perhaps remained in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. I’ve never stayed over, but I’ve visited for the history and a kava. Hope you got a blogger freebie for this!

    1. No freebie here sadly. I just loved the hotel and wanted to share it with anyone who might want to stay in Zagreb 🙂

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