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Daniel, Macedonian Travel Writer

Originally from Macedonia, Daniel is a total budget travel junkie. Having visited over 35 countries, Dan knows a thing or two about traveling Macedonia and the Balkans on the cheap.

Meet Daniel, or Dan as he’s known on the trail, our budget-savvy voyager from the heart of Macedonia.

With the passport stamps of over 35 countries as his credentials, Dan’s become the guru of globetrotting on a dime, especially when it comes to navigating the nooks of Macedonia and the broader Balkans.

He’s got all the insider tips on how to stretch your euros, Denars and Leks to their limits while soaking up the rich culture and stunning scenery of his home region. Whether it’s scoring the best deals in bustling bazaars or uncovering the cheapest routes through the rugged Balkan landscapes, Dan’s writings are your treasure map to traveling more for less.

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