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Ana, Croatia & Balkans Writer

Croatian born Ana is an avid traveler who is always looking for the next travel story from the Balkans to share. Her passion is creating travel itineraries and in-depth guides.

Meet Ana, the seasoned navigator of the team, whose roots run as deep as the Croatian coastline.

Embarking on her journey of globe-trotting at the tender age of 19, she’s since become the embodiment of wanderlust. With each passing year, her passion for crafting the perfect travel narrative only intensifies.

Ana’s forte lies in piecing together intricate travel itineraries and comprehensive guides that are as rich in detail as they are in experience. Her expertise is not just in the journey but in distilling the essence of the Balkans into stories and schedules that beckon travelers to delve beyond the surface.

While she playfully guards the secret of her age, her experiences are an open book, offering a treasury of travel wisdom and inspiration. Ana’s chronicles are your compass to the Balkans, where every itinerary is a passage to discovery and every guide a gateway to the adventures that await.

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