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Bram, Nature Writer & Photographer

Bram was born and raised in Belgium and has traveled the Balkans & beyond. He is a professional freelance travel writer and photographer specializing in outdoor travel with an emphasis on national parks, nature, and wildlife.

Introducing Bram, the Belgian-born wanderer whose footsteps have traced the contours of the Balkans and far beyond.

As a professional freelance travel writer and photographer, Bram has mastered the art of capturing the untamed beauty of the great outdoors. His lens focuses on the sprawling national parks, the untouched wilderness, and the free-roaming wildlife that many only dream of witnessing.

With a knack for adventure and an eye for the majestic, Bram’s stories and snapshots are an invitation to immerse yourself in the natural world. Join him as he leads you through the verdant valleys and the peaks that pierce the sky, and get inspired to embark on your own outdoor escapades.

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