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Azerbaijan Official Language: Azerbaijani



Currency Of Azerbaijan: Manat (AZN)



Azerbaijan Population: 9,999,942



Capital City: Baku



National Day: 18th October



Timezone: UTC +4 (AZT)



Azerbaijan, a land rich in natural resources, is situated where Western Asia meets Eastern Europe. With Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran for neighbors, it is bound to be an exciting place to visit. With the Caspian Sea lapping at its shores, there are several beaches worth visiting – Nabran, Pirsagi, Shikov, and Bilgah beaches – though they may be too polluted for swimming, they are perfect for walks and visits.



A land rich in oil and fire, Naftalan is famous for its oil baths and Baku for its fire temples. The pristine lakes and towering mountains are perfect for hiking in summer and skiing in winter.

The cities, towns, and villages have much to offer too, from glamour to art to architecture. Mausoleums and palaces tell of splendor and glory while winding streets and cobbled alleys display a vibrant culture. And then there’s a treasure trove of food – Dolma, Fisinjan, Qutab, and Sadj just waiting to be discovered. Azerbaijan is a delight for the ardent tourist!

International Airports In Azerbaijan: Heydar Aliyev International Airport, Ganja International Airport, Lankaran International Airport, Nakhchivan International Airport, Qabala International Airport, and Zaqatala International Airport

Azerbaijan Traditional Food:

  • Motal Pendiri, cheese matured in a sheepskin
  • Lamb Sadj, named after the Sadj pan it’s cooked in
  • Dushbara, lamb-filled dumplings
  • Manqal, an aubergine salad grilled on a Manqal or barbecue
  • Pilaf or Plov, saffron-flavored rice cooked with meat or vegetables
  • Halva, a Middle Eastern and Eastern European sweet dish, but with a secret Azeri version
  • Fisinjan, meat cooked in a sauce of walnuts, plums, onions, and pomegranate molasses
  • Kufta Bozbash, large meatballs in a stew
  • Dolma, lamb mince and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves, reminiscent of sarma
  • Dovga, a yogurt soup with chickpeas and rice that can be eaten warm or cold
  • Qutab, a flatbread stuffed with meat, cheese or spinach
  • Pakhlava, the Azeri version of Baklava



Top Things To Do In Azerbaijan:

  • See the mud volcanoes in Gobustan
  • See the mountain of fire that never stops burning, Yanar Dag
  • Take a crude oil bath at Naftalan
  • Hike near the remote village of Xinaliq
  • Play the musical stone at Gobustan
  • Visit the Fire Temple of Baku
  • Be amazed by the bottle house of Ganja
  • See the remedial Yanar Bulag spring that emits water and fire simultaneously
  • Visit the Palace of the Shaki Khans
  • Visit the mysterious Maiden Tower of Baku
  • See one of the pearls of Azerbaijani architecture, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs
  • Ski at Mount Shahdag
  • Visit the Bibi Heybat Mosque, a recreation of the 13th-century historical mosque
  • Visit the Baku Museum of Miniature Books
  • Admire the petroglyphs of Qobustan
  • Go birdwatching in Absheron National Park
  • Pay homage at the Nizami Mausoleum
  • Visit the Quadrangular Castle in Mardakan
  • Admire the Neo-gothic architecture of the Palace of Happiness or Mukhtarov Palace



Major Places Not To Skip:

  • Glamorous Baku
  • Verdant Sheki
  • Modern Nakhchivan
  • Traditional Lahic village
  • Ghost town Agdam
  • Qirmizi Qasaba, once the largest Jewish town outside Israel
  • Trout filled Lake Goygol
  • Magical Maral Gol Lake
  • Ski destination Tufandag