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Mate, Transport Expert

Mate is Croatian and owns a transport company in the Balkans, he has visited over 30 countries. He is an expert on all things transportation as well as food and wine.

Give it up for Mate, the Croatian king of logistics and the tastiest bites the Balkans have to offer. When he’s not steering his transport company through the scenic routes of his homeland, he’s our go-to guy for figuring out the smoothest travel hacks and the best eats from here to Timbuktu.

With stamps from over 30 countries in his well-worn passport, Mate’s your man when you need the lowdown on getting from point A to B, whether it’s by bus, boat, or the back of a donkey.

Mate’s articles aren’t just guides; they’re the travel bible for anyone looking to navigate the globe as savvily as he does, all while keeping well-fed along the journey.

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