Flying With Children: FREE Play-Doh Printables to Keep Little Hands Busy

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Flying With Children: FREE Play-Doh Printables to Keep Little Hands Busy

FREE. Not much about travelling is free. But these handy Play-Doh printables are not only free, they will keep little hands busy, and take up very little room in your carry-on, as do these small Play-Doh tubs.  Printing & laminating the printables and buying a few tubs of  Play-Doh takes no time at all and will make flying with children, even toddlers, fun, in turn meaning less stress for you on the flight. Score!

You can of course just take the laminated sheets and stuff them in your carry-on bag, but even better, make a binder – it’ll make it even easier for you in flight.

Flying With Children_FREE Play dough Printable
Make flying with children easier with these FREE Play-Doh printables.

What you need for your Play-Doh kit


How to assemble your Play-Doh Printables

Use a hole punch, to make holes in each activity sheet, and place into the binder. That’s it. Take your binder, and enjoy your in-flight movie as your children enjoy the Play-Doh kit.

Note: If you have a printable you’d like us to add to the list, let me know in the comments below.

What other tricks, hints and tips do you have to make flying with children easier?

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Flying with children_Free Play-doh Printable



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