Post author Giulia Blocal

Giulia, Travel Writer

Giulia is a travel blogger and Balkan addicted. She writes about unconventional destinations, abandoned places, street art, urban landscapes and all of the weird spots she finds herself in.

Giulia, affectionately known as G, is a trailblazing travel blogger with a penchant for the Balkans’ less-trodden paths.

Her blog is a vibrant collage of the unconventional and the forgotten—abandoned places that whisper tales of yore, street art that colors the urban canvas, and the peculiar corners that intrigue the most curious of minds.

Giulia’s adventures are a testament to her love for the unusual, offbeat landscapes and the urban jungles that pulse with undiscovered stories. Follow her journey and be prepared to see the world through a lens that finds beauty in the abandoned, meaning in the mural, and a thrilling narrative in the nooks and crannies that most wanderers overlook.

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