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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience! It’s great to read things that other people have gone through. An inspirational post 🙂

  2. We are planning on visiting Croatia next year and I’m so glad I’ve found your blog and FB page. The info is excellent and will be invaluable to us.
    As it’s a long way to travel for us (from NZ) we hope to have 5 weeks to see as much as possible as well as have some chill out time.
    Roll on 2018!

  3. Hi thanks for sharing your travel experience. I love traveling too. I would love to travel in Croatia ?? someday it looks like Amazing place.

  4. Hey guys,

    I’m an editor at a website called Expat Arrivals ( I came across your blog while researching Croatia and wondered if you might be keen to contribute? We’re expanding our guide for Croatia at the moment and it’s always really helpful to get insight from an expat.

    If you’re interested, feel free to drop me a line via email!


  5. I simply wished to connect with you since my husband is originally from Mornington, Victoria AUSTRALIA (lived there his entire life and is a retired sports journalist) and moved to the USA in 2011 to marry me here in Raleigh, North Carolina and become a naturalized citizen. What is most exciting however is that he discovered he had living paternal relatives in Croatia around the same time he met me. We share the same birthday although he is one year older. In 2012, we flew to Zagreb for the first time to meet one girl cousin and her two sisters and their spouses who all live there. After three days visit and the one cousin taking us on an exciting walking tour all over Zagreb, all five us us then drove down to Grab near Gracac where the origin of his paternal family lived/lives. We stopped by the lovely mills and waterfalls in Rastoke which was quite an experience to behold. I had to place my feet in the cool refreshing waters in one spot! My husband’s aunt, his father’s only living sister and survivor from that generation besides the others were all thrilled to meet us. We stayed in her farmhouse, but also visited the small homestead built by his grandparents where his father was born and grew up. My husband had always known about his father’s family being from Croatia, but not all the particulars or that anyone was still living. What a real surprise to learn differently! Fortunately, my husband understands and speaks some Croatian because they spoke bilingual plus some Ukrainian in his home in Mornington, so he and his Croatian family members could communicate where I listened and looked on in great interest. Despite all this, I felt genuine love and acceptance from my ‘new family’ and feel very blessed to have met them. After spending a few days in Grab to get acquainted and rest up, we then ventured on a frightening auto ride through the mountains mostly lacking guard rails with multiple steep drop-offs all the way to Zadar on the beautiful Adriatic Sea Coast. What a gorgeous city and view! Our entire time and experience in Croatia was magnificent and we both wish to return back to visit family and see more in the near future. I fell in love with this country and my new family and truly miss both! It truly is a beautiful country and the people are friendly.

  6. Hi Sarah-Jane,
    I’m so excited to have found your website and blog. I lived in Croatia for a year a looooonnnnnggg time ago (1986-1987), and I have just recently made plans to go back this coming January 2017. I am beyond excited. I look forward to reading through everything on your site and re-familiarizing myself with all things Croatian. 🙂

  7. From Australia, with my Aussie wife (who was born in Croatia) doing the first visit in 43 years, and being force fed by rellies, anyway looking to find out if there is anything to do in the area between Dakavo and Petrinja, currently in Osijek and considering whether to travel to Zagreb the scenic way or the freeway? PS already signed to the newsletter

  8. I have so enjoyed reading your blog. My husband, sister and I will be traveling to Karlovac (which is close to the village where I was born). It has been 39 years since I last saw my homeland. We are staying at the hotel Korona Srakovcic in Karlovac. Can you tell me if we made the right choice. Also in researching nightlife close to the hotel I found Papa’s Bar. Have you ever been there or do you recommend anywhere else that might be better within walking distance to the hotel. After we leave Karlovac we are flying to Dubrovnik and staying at a marvelous VRBO overlooking Stari Grad. We will be in Karlovac from September 15 – 18 then leave for Dubrovnik on September 18 – 22. What will be the climate at that time of year and can you suggest type of clothing for a nice dinner out and for a fun evening out? Do you have any suggestions of places to eat and bar’s in Dubrovnik. Again I truly enjoy your blog and all your travel information. I’m brushing up on my Croatian:)

  9. Hello Sarah Jane ! We are thinking of moving to Croatia, the whole bamboozle of us family wise, we are used to expat life having lived in Spain from UK for the last 7 years and you have become my little “bible” to our new adventure! Great website and have a hundred questions which I hope you will cover sometime in your blogs 🙂 and am looking forward to keeping up to date with them all. It is a brave pathway you are on, but loving watching it all come together and wish you loads of luck. Do you recommend any good websites or books ? … we have plenty of time we are not rushing but would be good to have as much info as possible. Keep up all the hard work and love the site !!!

  10. Great website!! I was wondering if anyone knows a beach in Pula that has a cafe…

    Thank You!

  11. Hello! Your website is a treasure for a traveler! I just started to explore it, but it already feels like a one-stop shop 🙂 We already booked our flight to Croatia in October for 2 weeks. The purpose in two words is hiking and nature. On what e-mail may I connect you for more specific details ?
    Thanks, Anna

  12. What is the best way to get from Dubrovnik to Vis? We are staying in Dubrovnik for 5 nights and Vis for 5 nights, but now it looks like it will be tricky to get to Vis from Dubrovnik. Do we need to take the bus to Split? Can we catch a ferry midday, or will it be too late?

    1. There are no ferries from Dubrovnik to Vis thatI know of. You have to take the bus to Split and go via ferry to Vis from there. Happy travels.

  13. We will be travelling to Croatia in June and would like to know which local restaurants in Dubrovnik, Hvar, Korcula and Split can you suggest? Our accommodation is booked but we would like to go to interesting hubs to eat.

  14. Hey guys! Great website!
    I’m planning to travel with a friend mid July for 4 days and extremely confused about how to optimize time and visit a few places in Croatia. I do want to visit the Plitvice national park.Hvar and Dubrovnik but would it be possible?How do i go about planning my travel and stay? Would love to hear your thoughts and advise!

  15. Thanks heaps for this amazing site. I love the recipes and actually, all the information. I live in Melbourne and have referred the site to a number of people interested in visiting Croatia (my country of birth) and seeing the sights and wonders of the most beautiful country in the world. Seriously contemplating making the move over and making it home again. Once again, thanks

  16. Thank, SJ you have built the most amazing Croatian travel blog.
    I was born in Dracevac, Zadar .
    So i was very keen to read your site l grew up in Ballarat and Brisbane, Australia. Celebrating oz day this weekend & watching au tennis open.
    Will be visiting Zadar from July to Sept 2016. I got as close to Nin thanks bruno Perović

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