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But first, let’s be sure we agree on the terms. Don’t worry, there are not many, and I promise they will benefit you and us.

All posts need to be at least 2000 words and feature lots of headlines and short easy to read paragraphs that include a lot of detailed information such as how to get there, the history of the city/location, what makes it worth going, and of course your personal experience there. 

The best posts on our site are between 1800 – 3000 words.

Posts we accept (but are not limited to if you have other ideas) are suggested itineraries, personal experiences, and top X lists.

Email your pitch to: croatia@chasingthedonkey.com


Countries Of Interest 

Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Turkey

Check What We Have Written About Already

Here’s the list of the stories we already have:

Link Policy

In addition to a do-follow link back to your travel, cooking, or lifestyle blog home page, we’re happy to include a second relevant link back to your site. We may add an affiliate link of ours if there is an appropriate fit.

We do not accept guest posts with COMMERCIAL links OR affiliate link buying guides of any nature.


We will supply the photos unless you have very high-quality ones.


We reserve the right to edit as we see fit.


Don’t copy-paste or edit someone else’s work. We run all guest posts through several sources to check for copyright.

No AI.

Use it on your own site, but please not on mine.

What Do We Give You Back?

A link to your blog homepage + up to 1 other do-follow link back to a related (non-competing) article on your blog.

We share your work just like we would our own. On all social media networks, as we publish and throughout the year.

Submit Something

If so, send us an email with your idea/s, and we agree, and you can get started.

Please email us your ideas or a sample photo so we can start.

Click here to email us today!

Sample Posts That Have Done Very Well

Here are two sample posts from other travel writers and bloggers that have been popular:

Chasing the Donkey - Balkan travel blog includes affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through these links, we receive a commission without any additional cost to you. We appreciate your support helping to keep this site free. Find our disclaimer & privacy policy here.

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  1. Hi There,

    I’m really interested in writing a blog post for you guys. I did an 8-day sailing cruise around Croatia and loved it. Could I write about that?

    Best regards,


  2. Hi folks,

    I was very impressed by your blog and the great content that you are hosting. I’m a Bulgarian who lives in the US but visits Europe and more specifically the Balkans every summer.

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