2024 Guide To Pamukkale Hot Springs – Thermal Pool Turkey

Pamukkale is an  area famous for its fairy tale landscape, white travertine pools, and calcite-laden waters from hot springs.

In this guide, I have covered everything, including how to get to the town of Pamukkale, where to stay, and what to see while you’re there.

If weird and beautiful sights are your thing, this is for you.

Where Is Pamukkale Türkiye

These world-famous Turkey hot springs are a short distance from Denizli in southwestern Türkiye.

What Are The Pamukkale Hot Springs

This Greco-Roman city used to be bustling back in the day. This whole part of Türkiye is packed with ruins from Greek times that are worth visiting.

This travertine is why the terraces of Pamukkale have that blinding white appearance. 

Why Do The Hot Springs Of Pamukkale Look Like That?

The calcium-rich water used to pour freely over all the travertines, but that turquoise water has since been diverted to other uses.


Why Are Some Travertines Filled With Water & Others Not?

On this trip, I learned that Pamukkale translates to the cotton castle in Turkish, describing exactly how the site looks.

What Is The Pamukkale Cotton Castle?

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