Turkey 10 Day Itinerary Ideas

Do you want to explore different aspects of Turkey? No matter your purpose, this inclusive list of 10-day Turkey itinerary ideas offers you what you need: adventure, fun, thrill, and curiosity.

If you’re ready to start planning your Turkey trip itinerary, take a cup of coffee, prepare your notebook and pen, and let’s begin!

You’ll start your journey in Istanbul. The first destination is the old city area, where you’ll visit Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace.

Day 1: Arrival in Istanbul

At night, you’ll take a bus to Izmit. In Izmit, you’ll visit the famous Clock Tower and Izmit Archaeological Museum.

Day 2: Bus trip to Izmit

Bolu is home to the ancient city of Bithynia and Abant Lake National Park; both are must-see destinations in the Black Sea region. You can spend your night at one of the luxury hotels in the national park.

Day 3: Travel to Bolu

You can continue exploring Bolu – we particularly recommend the Bolu Museum of Archaeology, which features various ancient artifacts.

Day 4: Explore Bolu & visit Bartın

As an ancient port city in the Black Sea region, Sinop boasts many ancient monuments and structures. Sinop Castle, Balatlar Church, and Alaaddin Mosque are all significant monuments one should see.

Day 5: Travel to Sinop

Trabzon also features a Hagia Sophia Museum, a structure every history-lover needs to visit. The historical center of Trabzon is also worth visiting for its many old houses and souvenir shops.

Day 6: Go to Trabzon

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