Croatian Currency Guide:

We Use Euros In Croatia Since 1 January 2023

Croatia transitioned from our previous local currency, the Croatian Kuna, to the European euro.

This guide will explain what is now the currency in Croatia and how to pay for things while in Croatia now that we are a part of the eurozone.

Starting 1 January 2023, Croatia stopped using Croatian Kuna and adopted the use of the euro.


Prices in Croatia are displayed in euros and Kuna, which started in the summer of 2022, but you have been required to pay for things in the new currency since 14 January 2023.

Many shops and small tour operators will take your U.S. dollars if they are desperate for the sale. However, the exchange rate they give you will be horrendous.

Can I Use American Dollars In Croatia?

After 21 years of traveling to Croatia, I can say you should use both. You will need a combination of the two.

Using A Cash Or Credit Cards In Croatia

If you want to leave a tip, the best way is to round up the bill and tell them you don’t want the change, which would be very appreciated.

Tipping In Croatia – Cash Or Bank Card

The euro is divided into cents and, like all currencies, uses a combination of coins of note.

Money In Croatia – Euro Banknotes & Denominations

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