What To Wear On A Long Haul Flight

I think that long-haul flights are awful unless, of course, you are flying first class or even business class.

Living in Australia for my whole life means that when I went to distant lands, I had to endure lengthy international overnight flights every single time, which means I know this guide will help you prepare.

On overnight flights, I need a few things to keep me busy and safe, and I need a place to stash the snacks and my extra layer of clothing. A big bag also comes in handy to use as a pillow.

A Big Bag Or Backpack

They keep me safe from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and protect my feet from nasty germs when I slip off my shoes and try to sleep.

Compression Socks

Wide Leg Pants  They look stylish and are amazingly comfortable pants for air travel, making them among the best pants for long haul flights – and for looking stylish as you go.

Stretchy-Loose Pants

Cotton is your friend. Big, baggy T-shirts are your best friend. They are an essential part of all comfy airplane outfits. T-shirts are cheap, comfortable, and can be dressed up with a necklace and cute bracelets.

Cotton Top

Ruffles are ideal outfits for plane travel because they hide the fact that your clothes might be a little crashed from long haul flights while still looking on-trend and comfortable at the same time.

Ruffles and Crinkly Material Tops

I love this Find Women’s Knit Cape; it is cozy and yet extremely fashionable. I have worn mine a lot already this fall and only had it for five weeks!

Jacket That Also Doubles As A Blanket

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