Turkey Packing List Guide - What To Wear In Turkey

Here is a guide on what to wear in Turkey. These Türkiye packing tips are listed area by area to ensure you know what you can (and can not ) wear in Turkey.

Türkiye is a vast country with cultural differences as you travel across and up and down. This dress code in Turkey for tourists guide will help you decide what to wear in Türkiye. We have you covered, from the Blue Mosque's strict dress codes to beaches.

If you're visiting a beach resort along the south coast of Türkiye, guidelines on what to wear are the same as anywhere else around Europe.

What To Wear In Bodrum and at Turkey Beach Resorts

You'll see people wearing bikinis on the beautiful beaches, and in some cases, you might even see topless sunbathing; however, this is certainly not encouraged. While no one will say anything to you about this, remember that Turkey is a conservative and Muslim country.

Izmir is a very cosmopolitan city, and it's got quite a young feel. Therefore, you can wear your usual clothing; however, avoid anything too low-cut or too short.

What To Wear In Istanbul And Izmir

Dress code for Istanbul: In Istanbul, the same rules apply; however, do remember that many parts of Istanbul are very historical, and that means you need to be a bit careful in terms of clothing.

What to wear in Turkey summer: Summer means heat. Summer days get up to the '30s (degrees Celcius), so you must pack loose, flowy dresses and loose-fitting pants. Try to pack nothing backless or with skinny shoulder straps.

What To Wear In Türkiye In Summer, Winter & Beyond

Packing for winter in Türkiye: Oh boy, it gets cold! Some days, it will only be 6 or 8 degrees, so you'll want to pack a good down jacket, your wooly winter socks, travel boots, and a hat & gloves.

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