Greece Packing List - What To Pack For Greece Guide

Your Greek vacation will soon be here, and getting ready for your trip is one of the things you probably have in your mind.

Looking at this super-detailed Greece packing list is a good idea if you're heading to Greece and want to know how to dress in Greece in July, what to wear in Greece in the fall, or what to pack for Greece in January.

Similar to most international travel, ensure you have the following list of documents for entering Greece: – Visa – Passport & ID – Copies of prescriptions & – medicine names – Travel itinerary

Travel Documents

Choose the right carry-on: To decide on the best size, check the airline regulations; they vary from company to company, so keep this in mind when traveling with two carriers.

Greece Packing List: Carry-On

Toiletries: Get all your liquids inside a zip lock bag or choose a more fashionable transparent toiletry pouch. Add toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, and any other products you usually use. Earplugs: Include earplugs or an eye mask if your trip to Greece is long-haul.

If you're wondering how people dress in Greece, don't worry. Greek people are usually as casual as those who visit their beautiful country. Like you, they'll wear comfy, lightweight clothing in the warmer months and bundle up when it's cooler.

Clothing Guidelines

Three pairs of shoes for every family member is my rule of thumb. The must-have shoes for Greece are: – Flip-flops for the beach – Hiking sandals, running shoes, and hiking boots for long mountain walks or hiking to less accessible beaches

Greece Packing List: Shoes

If you like to have a fancy night or two out on vacation to dine, take evening walks, or grab a drink, consider packing a few nightlife essentials. – For women: an evening dress or a blouse with nice pants – For men: a nice pair of Bermudas and a light T-shirt

Greek Packing List: To Go Out At Night

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