Albanian Riviera Guide – What To Do, Where To Sleep, Eat & More

There stretch of shoreline along the Albania coast from Vlorë and Palasë in the North to Sarandë and Ksamil in the South – the Albanian Riviera; that’s where you’ll find the best-hidden beaches in Europe.

This post will go through the coast of Albania and show you how this is the perfect place for a holiday with history, natural beauty, and friendly faces.

Here are just a few things to keep you busy on the Albanian Riviera.

What To Do On The Albanian Riviera

One can easily spend most of the day visiting the Butrint Archaeological Site and National Park like this, located 18 km south of the village of Sarande, and it’s a definite must for any family holiday in Albania.

Butrint Archaeological Site And National Park

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009, it is home to a diverse selection of plants and animals, including some rare flora species like the Capparis spinosa, Agrimonia eupatoria, and Laurus nobilis.

Called the “Ionian Pearl,” Ksamil has one of the best beaches in Albania. It’s popular with locals and tourists alike. It’s also easier to get to Ksamil from Greece than driving down 5 hours from Tirana.


One of the best-secluded beaches in Europe is Gjipe Beach on the road to Karaburun, Albania, or somewhat off the road to Karaburun. It’s so remote that it takes a 30-minute hike through a forest to get here.

Visit A Secluded Beach

Bianco Lounge Bar: Enjoy a cocktail and music at this cozy bar overlooking the three Ksamil islands. Afrimi: A family-run restaurant in Ksamil that serves excellent Albanian food.

Best Places To Eat & Drink On The Albanian Riviera

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