21 Turkish Souvenirs: What To Buy In Türkiye

Wondering what to buy in Turkey as gifts or souvenirs? Then check out these amazing Turkish souvenirs.  In my guide to souvenirs of Türkiye, I cover all manner of ideas, from candy and clothes to soaps and spices.

Few European countries, maybe even the world, can match Turkey when it comes to shopping, bargaining, haggling, eating, and indulging in the finer things in life. Shopping in Turkey is not something you do to get items—it's an experience on its own, it's an activity.

Also known as Anatolian rugs or Turkish rugs, Turkish carpets make for a fantastic souvenir. Although they are by no means cheap things to buy in Turkey, they're high quality and will last decades. And, of course, they'll look amazing on your living room floor—or even as a unique wall cover.

Turkish Carpets

For a longer-lasting souvenir from Turkey, it's a good idea also to buy a tea-making set, which includes the typical tulip-shaped Turkish tea glasses and a teapot.

Turkish Tea Set

If you need an extra towel for the beach or shower, you can easily pick up a Turkish hammam towels in many of the markets. While highly practical and superior in quality, these bath towels from Türkiye are also fantastic souvenirs.

Turkish Bath Towels

If you relish your regular cup of coffee, don't leave Türkiye without a bag of Turkish coffee. This is easily one of the best things to buy in Turkey, whether for yourself or those coffee enthusiasts in your life.

Turkish Coffee

Buying Turkish olive oil as a souvenir gives you more than just a delicious oil. You're also getting a piece of Turkish culture and history. Turkish olive oil has been produced for centuries from various olives, including the native black Izmir olive.

Turkish Olive Oil

If you're looking for unique regional Turkish gifts, consider buying a red clay pottery product in Cappadocia. This is one of Turkey's most famous and spectacular places to visit, so why not commemorate your time there with a traditional homemade pottery item?

Pottery From Cappadocia

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