Easy Croatian Burek Recipe

You can’t miss trying burek when in the Balkans – and you’ll fall in love. So, here is an easy-to-make Croatian burek recipe.

Burek, also known as bourék, byurek, pita, bourekas, and cheese pie, can be formed into horseshoe shapes, coils, cylinders, or round pies, variously eaten as appetizers or as a main course.

– All-purpose flour – Salt – Lukewarm water – Vegetable oil – Cottage cheese – Crumbled feta cheese – Beaten egg


Take a large bowl and combine the flour and the salt. Add the water bit by bit, mixing until the mixture forms a dough.

How To Make Burek Dough:

Knead the dough for around five minutes, until it turns quite stretchy. Split the dough mixture into batches of four and press down to flatten. You need to find a bowl or a pan which is large enough to hold the dough when it is piled up on top of each other.

Add a little bit of vegetable oil to the pan or bowl and put the first flattened piece of dough inside. Add a bit more oil (not too much), and add another piece of dough – repeat until you’ve done the same with all four pieces.

Add more vegetable oil on top of the last piece and place to one side to rest. Preheat your oven to around 200°C (390°F). Add a little vegetable oil over your work surface (a table is best) – just a little!

Remove one piece of dough from the bowl and remove the excess oil. Flatten the piece of dough until it reaches a thickness of no more than around half a centimeter.

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