An Easy Bosnian Ćevapi Recipe To Make At Home

Ćevapi is an old-fashioned dish that originates from almost unknown parts and is known as Ćevapičići. It is believed that ćevapi were introduced to Bosnian cuisine through the Ottoman Empire.

It is also said that the inspiration for ćevapi comes from oriental koftas, but the Bosnians have adjusted it to meet their preferences for flavor and texture. It’s all up for debate depending on where you live. In any case, these skinless sausages are delicious.

– Finely minced beef – Finely minced lamb – Cloves garlic – Fine salt – Black pepper


In a large bowl, combine beef, lamb, and salt. Knead the mixture with clean hands for 5 minutes.

How To Make Bosnian Ćevapi:

Cover the meat with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Uncover the meat and stir in minced garlic and black pepper. Shape the mixture into small logs no longer or wider than an index finger.

Preheat your grill. Ideally, you should use a charcoal grill. Brush the grill with some olive oil. Grill the minced fingers on a medium heat until evenly grilled and browned on all sides.

Serve warm with Turkish flatbread and freshly chopped onion (and ajvar if you have it!).

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