Have a remarkable 14-day journey filled with history, culture, & breathtaking landscapes using our 14-day Turkey and Greece itinerary.

Now, Turkey is actually in both Europe and Asia. Greece, on the other hand, is an entirely European country. Regardless of the technicalities, however, both countries are home to an incredible melting pot of cultures just waiting to be explored!

It’s not just about experiencing eclectic cultures and rich traditions. Both countries are known for their ancient history, and you can learn all about the past and visit fascinating historical sites.


Start the best Turkey itinerary by flying directly into Istanbul Airport, the ultimate European and Asian travel hub that falls perfectly between the two continents.

A few places will be most frequently recommended when it comes to where to stay, but I recommend the Taksim area – more specifically, Galata. It’s a beautiful, lively, and safe area with loads to do and see both during the day and at all hours during the night.

Start your day wandering around Galata and find a café for breakfast – make sure you try a traditional Turkish breakfast (Kahvalti) and Turkish coffee as you have a full day ahead. Then, make your way to the historic 14th-century Galata Tower.


Your second day in Istanbul will take you a little further out of the main touristy spots to an area called Kadıköy, found on the Anatolian (or Asian) side of the city.

So, head back down to Karaköy on the shore front – this time, stick to the lefthand side of the bridge and head straight to the ferry station. From there, jump on the ferry heading to Kadıköy – best of all, it’s not just about the destination.

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