5 Hidden Gems to Explore When You Visit China

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China, a fast-changing country with a mix of ultra-modern and ancient history, boasts an incredible number of stunning locations, here are five you will not want to miss.

China, a fast-changing country with a mix of ultra-modern and ancient history, boasts an incredible number of stunning locations. Aside from the country’s spectacular architectural treasures, such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, this city features a slew of lesser-known attractions. This country’s hidden beauties will undoubtedly take your breath away and inspire your imagination. You should know that applying for a China visa is essential to planning your vacation to the nation.

The hidden jewels discussed below can be found throughout China’s southern, eastern, and northern regions.

Jiuzhai Valley National Park

Jiuzhai Valley National Park
Autumn forest & Lake landscape in Jiuzhaigou (Jiuzhai Valley National Park), Sichuan province, China.

Jiuzhai National Park is located southwest of the country, in a valley on the Tibetan Plateau. This hidden jewel is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, but it didn’t get there by accident. There are various lakes and waterfalls in this park, in addition to the gorgeous views. There is this one lake with a visible lakebed because of the clarity of the water. You’ll primarily view the lake in sapphire hues.

This lake is known as Five Flower Lake and will be out of your bounds if you don’t have a China Visa. The inhabitants regard this lake as holy because of its capacity to maintain a steady water level throughout the year. On the other hand, other nearby lakes have variable water levels with each passing season and tend to dry up or melt.

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Zhangye Danxia National Park

The renowned rainbow mountains are located in Gansu, China’s northwest region, bordered by two lovely counties, Linze and Sunan. The Zhangye Danxia National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in this province. This landform has a unique colorful striped pattern formed after being exposed to wind and rain for a long time. It’s even known as Danxia’s “painted mountains.” The rainbow pattern results from accumulated sandstones and other minerals over more than 24 million years.

Yalong Bay

This white sand harbor, with a 7.5-kilometer coastline, is located in China’s southeast region. Throughout the year, the water at this beautiful beach is warm and clear. Compared to the other beaches in the area, Yalong Bay is clean and less congested. You may satisfy your daring side here by participating in various water sports. Underwater sightseeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, riding on speedboats or yachts, aided parachuting over the water, and jet skiing are just a few activities available at this bay.

Qiandao Lake or The Lake Of A Thousand Islands

Qiandao Lake or The Lake Of A Thousand Islands

Qingdao Lake is an artificial lake with roughly 1078 islands of various forms and sizes built in the 1960s. Plains and hills were unintentionally eliminated from floods to create this dream-like landscape around 358 square kilometers of settlements. This lake’s water quality is among the best in China and has been designated “The Best Water in China.” Climb the Meifeng hill to take in the view of the lake; if you like seafood, try the whitefish head soup; ride along the Lake road to take in the beauty of the lake; and finally, sip a cup of tea to appreciate your presence in this clean and lovely lake.


Yangshuo is a county in China’s Guangxi region, situated on the banks of the Li River. The spectacular karsts mountains and outdoor recreation are two of the country’s most prominent features. It’s rich in natural wonders such as caverns, scenic regions, rivers, lovely bridges, and rice paddies. This region has an unending number of locations to see and is a sanctuary for any adventurous soul. Although this is a popular tourist destination, the countryside is typically highly tranquil. Rock climbing, hiking, caving, and biking are just a few available activities.

As the world’s most populous country, it has adapted itself to meet the needs of everyone in its special way. The destinations mentioned above are just a few illustrations of the diversity of this country. I’m sure that once you learn about these places, it will be difficult not to book your tickets to visit this magnificent country.


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