Balkans Tour From Australia Via Singapore

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Plan A Memorable Balkans Tour From Australia Via Singapore – A Guide For Travelers

Perched between Western and Eastern Europe, the fascinating Balkans perfectly amalgamates the best of both sides. According to most travelers, the Balkans is probably the most undervalued and belittled part of the continent. 

Geographically, the ‘Balkans’ comprise of 12 countries that are located around the Balkan Peninsula, including 6 ex-Yugoslavia Republics – Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina along with Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, and Turkey. Once you delve deeper into the surface, you’ll discover that most of their history is shared yet each country has distinct features that make them special. 

Traveling From Australia To The Balkans During The Covid-19 Pandemic

You can’t go overseas at the present moment as there’s a travel ban and applied exemptions for travelers. You are not allowed to leave Australia unless you show an exemption from the Department of Home Affairs or you’re traveling to a place that is exempted from the travel ban. 

In case you plan to travel to Bosnia & Herzegovina, you need to know that the consulate in Sarajevo is open.  If you’re allowed to travel to Croatia from Australia, the Croatian consulate is also open, and you can find up-to-date Covid-19 travel information and restrictions updated here. And if you’re headed to Turkey stay up-to-date here

There are stringent restrictions in place for entering the Balkans right now, like showing a negative PCR test. Nevertheless, these might change as the COVID situation gets better. If you may enter please do make sure you abide by the recommendations of the local media and authorities to stay updated on the latest information by using the Smart Traveller Gov website. 

For travelers who plan to visit the Balkans from Australia via Singapore, they would need to know that the SG Arrival Card that is a mandatory requirement for entering the country. Though this is not a visa yet for those who fail to produce this card, they shall not be allowed entry into the country. This digital landing card can also be used as Travel Health Declaration. 

Transport In The Balkans

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While backpacking the Balkans, you have many options of traveling by train, bus, or car. However, it has to be noted that all countries don’t have a highly functioning train system. This is why seasoned Balkan travelers often recommend taking the bus. But, undoubtedly the most comfortable and best way of moving around the Balkans is to hire a rental car and drive through the Balkans yourself. You can also get a private transfer if you have a little more budget and want someone else to do all of the driving. 

Is Traveling The Balkans Safe?

Is the Balkans Safe?

Before planning your trip to the Balkans, you must be wondering about the safety of this place. While you may confront various opinions on the safety of the Balkans, you should know that the people giving them may have never traveled the place. Once you speak with travelers who’ve visited the place, you’ll get to know how friendly and hospitable the people are. 

The delusions stem from past politics and wars. One of the major wars in the Balkans was during the breakup of former Yugoslavia. Though this war has been over for 30+ years, and the Balkans so now a very safe place to travel – in fact, Croatia was just voted the safest place in the EU. We recommend you just keep your bags close to you to avoid pickpockets. 

Climate And Weather In The Balkans

The best sandy beach in Greece - Navagio Beach - Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos Island, Greece

The weather in the Balkans varies highly from one country to another. Towards the south, in Albania and Greece, temperatures usually rise to more than 40 degrees. However, in the coastal and mountain cities, you may expect snow during winter. Keep a check on weather apps to be aware of the latest weather in the Balkan peninsula.

The most favorable weather for travelers in the Balkans is spring. The reason is that the crowds love the full bloom weather where roads and trees are covered with flowers. Summer is yet another famous season among travelers but at the same time, there are many who think that traveling to the Balkans out of the summer season is a better option to avoid the crowds!!

Balkans Visa

Digital nomads Greece - Visa and what you need to know

One of the best things about the Balkans is that majority of the countries are excluded from the Schengen zone. Slovenia and Greece are the only 2 countries that are included in the Schengen zone and so you can only spend 90 days out of the 180 days within Schengen countries. In most nations, you’ll get a maximum of 3 months to stay in the countries excluded from the Schengen, depending on where you’re traveling from. 

In addition, Greece and Croatia are launching digital nomads visas so you can stay even longer – and pay less tax!

Therefore, now that you’re familiar with the minute details of traveling the Balkans, book your tickets and spend a memorable vacation. However, make sure you stay safe and follow all the government protocol as the world is facing yet another wave of COVID-19 which is scarier than 2020!


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