A weekend in Buzet: #IGTravelThursday

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A weekend in Buzet 

After spending a (long) weekend in the wonderful Istrian town of Buzet, I have so many things to do at home that I can’t sit and write all about it – just yet.

So until then, here are some photos of one of the best weekend we have ever had in Croatia. A special thanks to Andrea at the Vela Vrata Hotel who hosted us and to Sanja from the Buzet Tourist Office who helped arrange our weekend.

Plus do not forget about our competition to win an Instagram photobook of Croatia.

Every morning should start with a coffee as good as this.

Croatia is so much more than beaches


We came home with a boot full of goodies

Handmade pasta & gnocci at the Truffle Festival

I know, it’s just a tease to show you so few pictures and not enough words. But I promise next week you’ll see much more.

Have you ever been to Istria or a truffle festival?

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  1. says

    Yup, Croatia is awesome. Your travel friend Igor found EXACTLY what I was looking for. Now the only teeny teensy tiny problem is that the only place I can fly to direct (or without a 10-hr layover-laden trip) from Moscow is Zagreb, and it would cost at least $800 on a good day. Which seems kind of insane, bc I can fly to Italy for like $300-350, but I have to fly INTO Croatia bc I will need a visa from whichever country I will be staying in >.< or, more like :-*(

    • says

      DOH! That’s a lot of mulahh!!! I have no clue about visas and things, but can you fly into Italy and catch the ferry or drive over to Croatia? Also if you go to Zagreb, let me know I have a contact for a great off the beaten path walking tour you may like. AND if you come by Zadar, let me know and I’ll meet you for a vodka or 3.

      • says

        That’s the problem – I’d need to get a visa for Italy then, which I wouldnt be able to do with planned accommodations in Croatia (unless I book something for a week in Italy and then cancel? but that might be problematic too). So it’s SUCH a hassle… need to find out how the rest of Russians vacation in Croatia, tho they all prolly fly to Dubrovnik.

        If I do make it in, you are ON for the vodkas!

  2. Anwar says

    Dang I want to get back to Croatia. I have not been to Istria yet! Thanks for showing me lots of lovely places that I now need to visit :)

  3. reeta @houseofanais says

    Once again so pretty there, it’s really cool to travel with you around Croatia and find the best places to visit!

  4. Kea says

    Croatians are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. It’s been too long since I was there last… I especially love the pic with the autumn leaves. So beautiful.

  5. Satu VW says

    Beautiful pictures and yes, quite the tease! We drove through Croatia and yes, it was definitely so much more than beaches, although those were amazing too. So want to visit!!

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